The American , French, and Industrial Revolutions Essay

     In my opinion, the Industrial Revolution had a greater impact on world history than the American Revolution and The French Revolution because it totally changed the way people in the world lived. Although the Industrial Revolution marked what scholars referred to as “the great divide” which drew the line between the poor and the wealthy and the powerful countries from the weak countries, it brought many innovations the effects of which are still felt in the world today. Examples of these innovations are the steam engine which was invented by James Watt and the cotton gin which was invented by Eli Whitney. These inventions allowed man to work faster and to produce more products. “Mechanizing processes that would have taken much longer …enabled manufacturers to make more products at a cheaper cost.” (Tignor et al, 2008, p.

664) For instance, the cotton gin allowed the easy separation of cotton seeds from fiber. The Industrial Revolution did not only usher in inventions and technology but also a system of work and efficient use of time which helped greatly in manufacturing products not only in great amounts but with better quality too. The American Revolutions and the French Revolutions were not that important since what these did was to awaken man’s realization of freedom and equality among men which led to struggles that resulted in loss of lives.     Between socialism and nationalism, socialism was the more significant for European history because it opened the doorway for solving the problem of inequality that was caused by the Industrial Revolution and the fervor swept throughout Europe. “The socialists worried in particular about the deleterious effects of the division of labor on the human personality and the growing gap between impoverished workers and newly wealthy employers.” (Tignor et al, 2008, 700-701) I consider the rise of socialism more important than the rise of nationalism because nationalists were more softer in their approach towards change compared to the socialists.

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