The American Perspective of work Essay

In any country, work is the only way to ensure that an economy grows. People must work so as to be able to feed themselves while the surplus is sold and as a result the economy of the country grows. Work takes various forms, the two main ones being intellectual and physical.

Intellectual work is the one which involves the mind and most of these jobs are office related and are commonly referred to as white collar jobs. Physical jobs are manual in nature, often done outside the office and are commonly referred to as blue collar jobs. This discussion looks at the perception that Americans have when it comes to these tow categories of work (Andre. 2007).History has it that many people prefer to work in an office rather than taking up a manual job. Statistics indicate that a greater percentage of the working population in America prefer to white collar jobs while shunning the blue collar ones.

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There are many reasons that are attributed to this trend. To begin with, intellectual jobs are associated with professionalism. Anybody taking a job in an office is considered to have adequate education in comparison to the person taking up a manual or physical job.

A research conducted recently indicated most Americans decline to take up blue collar jobs terming them low class. In the American society such jobs are reserved for the poor who are desperate and have no option but to take up such jobs (Andre. 2007).The other reason why physical work is seemingly despised in the American society is because in the ancient times, manual work was a preserve of the slaves. Any slave who was brought in from a foreign country would spend their time doing all the manual work as it was considered hard and tiresome. Since that time people developed a negative perception towards manual work as it was associated with slaves.Physical work is also considered tiresome, difficult and one that does not give much in terms of rewards.

White collar jobs on the other hand are seen as easy-going and one that does not require much energy. It is also considered classy because people go the offices in formal ware. There is also a general perception that compensation in terms of salaries for white collar jobs is far much higher than for blue collar jobs (Andre. 2007).As a result countries like America lack people to undertake manual or physical jobs and rely heavily on foreign immigrants. This one of the key factors that leads to the slow growth of the economy as much of the labor is imported and thus the country financial system gets depressed in paying for the hired labour.It is important to note that both white collar and blue collar jobs are important as both contribute to the growth of the economy of a country. Without either of the two, the economy of any given country would ail.

It is thus important for people to drop this misconceived idea that physical jobs are ‘bad’ while white collar jobs are ‘good’. They function like the various parts of the body whereby without any one, a human being is bound to die (Andre. 2007). This perception is in America and many other countries.

The government must take an initiative to educate the general public that no job is greater than the other.ReferenceAndre. M. et al. (2007).

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