The American perspective of work Essay

The American perspective of workHuman beings have this inherent quality to make an opinion about someone when they meet for the first time. These opinions lead to perceptions about people, their personality and the way they behave around their workplace. These perceptions may be good or terrible but they always influence our minds in believing what is not realistic.America is famous for having perceptions against blacks and women and this particularly gets highlighted during their employment. Multiculturalism does not reflect in the workplace of Americans as most of non white Americans have raised the complaints of racial discrimination. Companies need to include a multicultural environment but they fail to do so because they lack senior leadership or they have the arcane perception that the diversifying will lead to imbalance in their work environment and consequently lower productivity.These perceptions also foster racism and segregation leading to workplace stress and tension.

The American perceptions lead to institutional racism where the service of the person is disregarded on account of their color or their ethnic region. The common example reflecting institutional racism is during recruitments where a candidate with minority ethnic origin is not given the job because the senior leadership considers that “they won’t fit in”.Considerable research has proven that that workplace segregation takes place because of ethnicity and color of the person. This segregation in the workplace makes a certain individual of color to be in fear of being criticized or watched.

This leads in less output from that individual as it brings in social anxiety amounting to a lot of stress. Social anxiety and tension in workplace has increased a considerable amount because of the conscious environment people live in.If the Americans let go of their perceptions regarding color and ethnicity then the work culture would be more productive I nature as no individual would complain of racial discrimination or lack of equity in the workplace. The common perceptions have a huge cultural impact and hence should be eradicated as these perceptions lead to racism, social segregation and lot of social stress.References: