The American Sphinx Essay

The American Sphinx

A.    Chart of Thomas Jefferson’s Achievements

Rating Scale: Positive 1    -Least Positive             Negative    1   – Least Negative

                                    10 – Most Positive                               10  – Most Negative

Periods of Jefferson’s Life
Significant Contributions During this Period
Effect on American

Way of Life

Revolutionary Leader

Declaration of Independence
The Declaration’s eloquent preamble became an enduring statement of human rights. All citizens of the United States enjoy these rights because of his ideas.
Positive (10)
Delegate, House of Delegates
In June 1779, Bill on Religious Liberty
The bill was significant because it provided for complete religious liberty at that time. It stated “that all men shall be free to profess, and by argument to maintain, their opinions on matters of religion, and that the same shall in no wise diminish, enlarge, or affect their civil capacities.”
Positive (10)
Governor of Virginia (1779–1781)

1. Transfer of the state capital to the more central location of Richmond in 1780.

2.Founder of the University of Virginia

First university in the United States at which higher education was completely separate from religious doctrine.
Positive (8)

Positive (10)
In April 1784 in Congress
“Notes on the Establishment of a Money Unit and of a Coinage for the United States”
This report led to the adoption of the dollar as the basic monetary unit in the United States.
Positive (9)

The Louisiana Purchase from France (1803)
The large Louisiana Territory became part of the United States territory.
Positive (9)

B.     Slogan

“Thomas Jefferson…A true American Patriot, an Advocate of Religious Freedom, and the Father of two Bills- the US Dollar Bill and the Bill of Rights”

C.      A true and fitting memorial for this great man is that his face should not just be in the nickel but in the dollar bill after Washington. Because after George Washington, he is one of the greatest statesmen America has ever produced and authored the creation of the US dollar as our monetary unit.

D.    A greater American President whose face is not in any dollar bill is John F. Kennedy. This is because he was great statesman who did not bow to USSR pressure during the height of the Cuban missile crisis and he successfully avoided a nuclear war with his statesmanship. It was also during his presidency that NASA was created which became the first step for man to reach the moon and study the Universe.

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