“The view of physics at university level, and

“The imagination of nature is far, far greater than the imagination of man” quoted my professor from Richard Feynman, while teaching quantum mechanics. My enthusiasm for understanding how the imagination of nature works always has been a driving force for me to study science at an advanced level. My interest in physics dates back to the final year of junior high school; fascinated by books like “Physics Alive” by Peter Warren, I believed that among all sciences, physics has the most reasonable answers to my questions. Thus, I began reading physics and astronomy books further and expanded my knowledge, and this helped me in high school to be semi-finalist of both National Physics and Astronomy Olympiads and I was selected to be trained in intensive advanced courses in physics and astronomy in National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents (NODET), where I extended my analytical skills and gained a comprehensive view of physics at university level, and by the end of this course I became determined to major in physics at university. In fall 2008, I was accepted into the physics program at Isfahan University of Technology (IUT), which has one of the most rigorous physics programs in the country. Studying at IUT, considering my talent in physics with the capability of working hard, I grasped an in-depth understanding of different areas of physics.  During my undergraduate studies, I carried out a research project on the quantum mechanical phenomenon of Neutrino Oscillation under the guidance of Professor Dr. M. Haghighat, and while reviewing literature, I studied the phenomenology of neutrino mixing in vacuum and matter. While reading publications on this topic, I realized associating a small mass to neutrinos can haveIt is worth mentioning that in the third year of my undergraduate studies, because of my strong background in astronomy, I was invited from one of the national selective schools in Tehran to teach astronomy at their school. Accepting this offer was an opportunity to study as a visiting student at Sharif University of technology. While living in Tehran, I actively participated in gravitation and cosmology seminars held by Astronomy School at Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences. It was there that I felt the need to know more about gravitational physics and decided to study my master in this field after completing my bachelor.Ranking 90th in National Entrance Exam for Master Degree in the whole country, I entered the University of Tehran which has an organized program on gravitation and astrophysics. In the first two semesters of my study at University of Tehran, I spent my time learning general relativity and cosmology at an advanced level. In order to easily pick up the higher level concepts in these fields, I had a detailed study on differential geometry and audited advanced mathematical physics course, and ranked 1st in gravitation II and cosmology among all master and doctoral students. Studying cosmology, I became fascinated by early universe cosmology and decided to have my dissertation under Dr. N. Ahmadi’s supervision who was a visiting fellow at Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics at the time and was studying the same topic. Thus, I joined Dr. Ahmadi’s group in September 2013 and started studying quantum and classical theory of cosmological perturbations which has numerous applications in modern cosmology. In this study, the evolution of cosmological perturbations in the context of general relativity, mathematically reduced to solving the Einstein equations linearized about an expanding universe.  But the analysis of the perturbed equation was not trivial and due to gauge ambiguities, we adopted a gauge invariant formalism and arrived at analytical solutions to growth rates of perturbations in different cosmic eras. Another problem we had to deal with during this study was consideration of cosmological scenarios, for instance, inflation and Apex, responsible for producing such perturbations.  During this research, which I consider it as a milestone in my academic life, I made effective use of my knowledge in general relativity, differential geometry, quantum field theory, and differential equations to better analyze the problems. As a member of Dr. Ahmadi’s group, I had the chance to collaborate in a team environment with other doctoral and master students. After obtaining my master’s degree, I started working as a teaching assistant and later as an instructor at University of Guilan, an accredited public university in Iran. I led several recitation sessions and taught many undergraduate courses including Mathematical Methods in Physics, Quantum Mechanics, and General Physics. In addition during this time I improved some of my skills, or in some cases acquired new ones, to better prepare for doctoral degree, namely,Now, equipped with an extensive view on state of the art knowledge and different research areas in my field, a wide range of scientific skills, and a strong background in theoretical and computational physics, I am confident that I am in a good position to continue my education. As a big picture, I want to choose an academic lifestyle in which I can always be in touch with science and deal with new solutions and ideas. I have always had a passion for academic research, and in my future, I see myself in the position of a university professor and researcher whose ambition is to make a significant contribution to her field and this could only be fulfilled by pursuing my education towards obtaining a doctoral degree. Selecting a graduate school is a momentous decision to me, as it shapes the next stage of my academic life and is the launch pad for a successful career. Since every crucial decision needs an extensive survey, I consulted several graduate students about this issue and they strongly encouraged me to apply to your department as an outstanding and distinctive school. I am well prepared to join the ……. program and I have no doubt this Ph.D. program at Wake Forest University will provide me with a great opportunity to achieve my career goals and ambitions due to its state of the art research facilities, distinguished faculty members, and academically stimulating environment. Furthermore, I am fascinated by diverse academic offerings which fit my research interests. I am particularly excited by two research centers,