The to collaborate and contribute our findings

The field
of research is an ever growing field that continues to nurture with each new
discovery. It is important to collaborate and contribute our findings and
knowledge to other researchers who may be able to draw associations to other fields
of research. In this way, one finding can lead to many discoveries. Research
activity also provides an excellent opportunity to interact with other
researchers and these connections can lead to long term professional

I became
interested in the field of research because I wanted to search for new
information rather than simply applying what is known. My medical school
experience in Government Medical College Kottayam, helped me to gain an interest
in contributing to health care, which led me to do research that would have an
impact on human wellbeing.

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cancer is the most common female cancer worldwide and the second most common
cause of death. This specifies the importance of conducting research in the
field of breast cancer. It is through this research that newer drugs and vaccines
can be detected. During my medical school I have seen plenty of patients with
breast cancer. Their life and hardships encouraged me to do a study on breast
cancer. I did a cross sectional study on the prevalence of risk factors of
breast cancer in women of age 20-50 years in a rural village. From the data we
collected and analyzed we observed that lack of exercise, nulliparity and OCP
use were the major risk factors. Most of the women were even unaware of breast
self examination. After the study, an educational session regarding breast
cancer, the investigation techniques, the need for routine screening and the
importance of breasts self examination, was conducted to the people of that
area which we evaluated. This research study was very much informative as I was
able to understand more about the pathology of breast cancer, the latest
investigations and newer treatment options available. This was a new experience
for me different from the usual textbook learning to which we were exposed so
far. Even though it was not a large scale study, it gave me an insight into
research methodology.

Even a
small study of mine could add information and bring awareness about breast
cancer to a group of people. So I think more research in this field can
revolutionize breast cancer management. It would be a privilege for me to
become part of such a study.