The and regulations of the college. The

               The Young Leader’s Ceremony was held to appoint students to their respective positions as part of the student council. We extended the roles of young leaders, the aim of which was to boost their confidence, inculcate independence and a sense of responsibility in them.

Previously the school had a student council and this year we added the roles of subject specialists, language ambassadors and house prefects to the list. The rationale behind it is to train more students to enhance the quality of education, and their command over several subjects. Subjects will act as substitutes in the absence of the teacher and continue the flow of the topic being taught. Students were given badges according to the positions they held and our Vice Principal Miss Attiya explained the roles and responsibilities to the students. An oath-taking ceremony of Head Girl, Deputy Head Girl and the elected members of the college council was held in Bahria Town Girls College, Sector A. The sashes were handed over to the newly elected Head Girl, Deputy Head Girl and other elected members. The students took an oath to be active and responsible and abide by all rules and regulations of the college. The students expressed their motivational thoughts and pledged to uphold the college code of conduct.

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List of the student council members Girls College :Presidents:Head Girl: Maleeha Butt (B.Com Part – I)Deputy Head Girl: Shiza Ishtiaq (Inter II)President Social Welfare: Ayla Shahid (Inter II)President Fine Arts: Tanzeel Saeed (Inter II)President Co-Curricular: Namrah Khan (Inter II)President Sports: Natasha Zafar (Inter II)Editor English: Maleehah Butt ( II)Editor Urdu: Rida Fatima (B.a II)Secretaries:Secretary Social Welfare: Kashmala Rubab (Inter I)Secretary Fine Arts: Sayeda Sahar Fatima (Inter I)Secretary Co-Curricular: Mahrukh Amjad (Inter I)Secretary Sports: Rubaila Ali (Inter I)Co-Editor English: Anza Tahir (Inter I)Co-Editor Urdu: Narmeen Muqaddas (Inter I)Captains:Tipu House: Ayesha Sheikh (B.

com I)Salahuddin House: Areesha Farrukh (Inter II)Iqbal House: Fizza Fatima (B.a II)Jinnah House: Fauzia Khalil (B.a II)BTSC Investiture CeBTSC is not only an educational institute but a platform of polishing hidden gems with utmost zeal and diligence making its first priority to mould students in accordance with the requirement of present era. The Student Council was selected in this regard by the principal, vice principals at all the campuses of BTSC to flourish students’ leadership abilities. Following are the details of the Student Council Body at all Campuses:Student Council Sector B JuniorHead Girl V Filza Tariq Deputy Head Girl V Amna Masood President Co-Curricular V Daima Arshad President Sports V Noor Fatima President Art and Craft V Saman Hidayat President Social Welfare V Mehrunisa SalmanStudent Council Orchard CampusHead Boy VI Maroon Jawad Ul Hassan Head Girl VII Maroon Meerub Salamn President Sports VII Maroon Zohaib Habib President Social Welfare VII Maroon Hania President Co curricula VI Maroon Noor Ul Eman President Art & Craft VII Maroon Laiba SheikhStudents Council School Boys Campus Sector CHead Boy XI-O Sarim Farooq Deputy Head Boy XI-O Usama Qureshi President Co-curricular XI-O Sharjeel Khan President Sports XI-O Abdul Haseeb President Social Welfare X-M Taha ImranStudents Council Boys College Sector CHead Boy Inter-II Muhammad Ahmad Masood Deputy Head Boy Inter-II Fahad Bin Jafar President Co-curricular Inter-II Usama Karimi President Sports Inter-II Muhammad Adnan President Social Welfare Inter-II Waleed AmirStudent Council Sector B SenioHead Girl XI-O Zainab Kamran Deputy Head Girl X M Nimra Tariq President Co-curricular XI-O Redha Zaheer President Sports X M Ayesha Siddiqa President Social Welfare XI O Zainab Batool President Art & Craft X M Ishma Faheem