The code of ethics for Fine and

The code of ethics for Fine and Dandy Co. outlines the ethical and
moral foundations that govern decisions and behavior within the company. It
gives general outlines of how employees should behave, as well as specific
guidelines for handling issues such as inclusion and upholding the law. All
employees at Fine and Dandy Co. shall uphold and implement these standards
while performing their tasks as stated in the Code of Ethics.

            The success of our organization relies on the trust and
confidence we obtain from both our employees and customers. We earn this trust
and confidence by being responsible, honest, and meeting company goals through ethical
practices. The trust that we build is vital and is the framework for the organization.

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            Fine and Dandy Co. pursues to create an environment that brings
out the full potential of each individual employee and where each individual
employee is treated with dignity and respect.  Fine and Dandy Co. welcomes and supports
people of all backgrounds. We are an equal opportunity employer and are
committed to providing a work environment free of discrimination

            At Fine and Dandy Co. everyone should feel like they are
allowed to speak his or her mind. We believe there should be an open and
supportive workplace environment that allows for a space to raise questions and
voice concerns. Everyone benefits when employees use their voice to prevent
mistakes by asking questions. However, always conduct yourself professionally
and have respect for your fellow employees. Harassment and exclusionary behavior
will not be tolerated.

            Fine and Dandy’s pledge to integrity begins with
upholding laws, rules and regulations. Each employee must understand the
company policies, rules and regulations that apply to specific job titles both
in letter and in spirit. Employees of Fine and Dandy Co., will not engage in
unauthorized use, copying, distribution or alteration of other’s intellectual

            At Fine and Dandy Co., we must have the courage to tackle
decisions and make tough choices. Although this code of ethics cannot address
every issue, it can exemplify the spirit in which we strive to do business and
be used as a guide for our daily conduct.

            Employees should always be concerned with protecting the
companies physical, intellectual and digital properties. Confidential and
proprietary information includes financial data and customer names/addresses.
We will not publish confidential information without proper authorization.

            Fine and Dandy Co. is small, online shop that was
established a little over a year ago. This code of ethics was determined from
the experiences that I have had within the year of being open. Our brand is
centered around community and connecting and I wanted to create a code of
ethics that expressed and supported those values. Our main form of
communication with consumers is through social media and I believe it’s
important to make sure that employees know exactly where our values stand and
what the spirit of the company is all about when communicating with customers.

In conclusion, the Code of Ethics developed for Fine and Dandy Co.
will be distributed and discussed with current and future employees. Violation
of any of the standards contained in this Code will be subject to disciplinary
action. This code sets out the standards of ethics to which all employees are
held. These standards are designed to deter wrongdoing and promote ethical conduct
within the organization and are outlined in the provided appendix.