The some of the renowned universities of Finland,

The scopes of global trade
are expanding remarkably in these days by dint of globalization. Being a
student of business administration I am interested to learn intensely about
international law and customs. Studying in this subject will also help me to
address the different challenge and loopholes of current business strategies
and challenges. Thus my findings can be presented as case studies which will
enhance the collection of international trade. Developed countries while
investing in third world countries will be able to go through these and take
preventive measures or formulate mechanisms. With a professional degree on
Intl. Business Law, I’ll be able to become a specialist in this arena. My job
experience also demands an intense understanding regarding intl. law. I will
feel certain if I can study within a rich faculty, study environment, world
ranking, research facility, and well defined program outline and promising
career perspective from University of Helsinki.

This scholarship program will have a positive
impact both on me and on the university itself. As I am professionally experienced, if
I obtain such a scholarship I’ll be able to pursue my further study here in
this university. My attained experiences will find a platform to be shared and
a professional degree will also make me capable of analyzing various situations
available in the field of trade. Thus I will be able to contribute my practical
experiences over the theories. University of Helsinki possesses a study
environment which prepares student to participate in top-notch research. So, I
hope having such qualifications, the possibilities to become a researcher in
this field will be very certain for me.

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Apart from University of Helsinki I have
applied in the International Master’s Degree Program, 2018, of some of the
renowned universities of Finland, which have its own scholarship offering for
international students.