The Animal Farm Essay

Propaganda, which is an idea that uses false or misleading information in order to help a cause, is a major theme in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Squealer was a very skillful spokesman for the pigs and spread a great deal of this false publicity throughout the farm. However, the under-educated animals were too ignorant to see through it. As a result, this allowed the pigs to gain power and consistently have total control over the animals. Therefore, the pigs’ regime could not have lasted without propaganda.Squealer, along with some other pigs, are very talented at speaking for themselves.

He along with the others spread a vast amount of propaganda throughout the farm. From before the revolution, Old Major preached about humans being the enemies and rebellion against them. In addition, Squealer promote that drinking all the milk and eating all the apples was because they “contain substances absolutely necessary for the well-being of a pig” (23).

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Furthermore, Squealer presented the animals with false statistics to show that food production was much better than it was back in Jones’s day.In all of these situations, the pigs are trying to promote a cause, whether it be that the animals should start a rebellion against humans, that apples and milk help pigs become smarter, or to announce that the farm is doing great and was worth the revolution. This all comes to show the advertisement spread on the farm. Ignorance is having a lack of knowledge or information. From the beginning, the animals proved to show ignorance and believe what the pigs tell them.

When Napoleon told the animals that Snowball was a liar and a traitor, Boxer accepted his explanation and reasoned that “if comrade Napoleon says it, it must be right” (37).This demonstrates how gullible Boxer is, because this was clearly an excuse for Napoleon to get rid of Snowball. This also influenced the other animals to believe in the lies because they looked up to Boxer. Similarly, the animals believed another one of Napoleon’s excuses. Squealer explained that the windmill was originally Napoleon’s idea and he only spoke so strongly against it as a maneuver to get rid of Snowball. The animals then “accepted his explanation with no further question” (39). Once again, the animals are not smart enough to realize that Napoleon is inventing this information just to get rid of his competitor.Finally, when Boxer was taken away in a van that read “Horse Slaughterer” (82), Squealer explained that the van had been previously owned by a knacker and sold to the veterinary surgeon who still did not repaint it.

The animals were “enormously relieved to hear this” (83). This statement points out the stupidity of the animals, which are unable to notice that Boxer actually is getting slaughtered because he is injured and no longer needed on the farm. An unaware and unknowledgeable attitude may result in being taken advantage of and being controlled.The pigs used the animals’ ignorance to benefit themselves and obtain power, and allowed them to consistently rule and overpower the animals. Because they were so brainwashed, they were made into puppets for the pigs. Squealer kept warning the animals that if they don’t listen to what he says, “Jones will come back” (23).

They immediately agree and cooperate because they are so convinced that life was miserable in Jones’s day. Squealer used this threat to have power over the fearful animals because they would listen to him.Also, the pigs used the animals’ ignorance so that they would never rebel against the pigs.

Again, when Boxer got sent to get slaughtered, Squealer made the animals believe he got medical help instead, so this way the animals would think goodly about the pigs, and not revolt against them. Moreover, the pigs paid the raven to convince the animals that they would receive their promised pension in Sugarcandy Mountain, which caused the animals to accept their hungry and laborious lives on the farm while the pigs sit comfortably in command.If the pigs didn’t spread propaganda on the farm, their dictatorship wouldn’t have been successful. The pigs spread false publicity and the ignorant animals believed all of it. So, this allowed the pigs to obtain and remain entirely in power, and have control of the farm. Like Hitler once said, “propaganda must not serve the truth, especially insofar as it might bring out something favorable for the opponent”.