The Application Testing Tools Computer Science Essay

The research was based on Application testing tools, which is a characteristic of enterprise life rhythm that helps to prove applications. The aims of the undertaking were to place the different application testing tools and discourse them, their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Books and the cyberspace were used for mention and apprehension of all the necessary information about application testing tools.

2. Introduction

This papers discusses application testing tools, which are devices that help prove applications. There are many tools used for proving applications for different things such as emphasis, burden, security, package and public presentation. Some of the testing tools include proxy sniffer, WAPT, QA Wizard and QAInspect ; all these tools are discussed in brief, the characteristics of these tools and what they test is mentioned.


Campbell-Kelly ( 1998 ) states that an application is a plan designed to execute a specific undertaking for the user. An application is a computing machine based package developed to assist the terminal user carry out certain undertakings.

Application testing tools are devices that are used to prove applications for security, burden, emphasis, package and public presentation. Load testing is the procedure of finding the response of a system over the demand. Security testing is a procedure of testing/finding out whether interlopers have hacked the security. It is done to seek and happen package mistakes of mistakes that may take to security span. Performance testing is the procedure of proving how a plan executes. It is done to happen public presentation bugs that cause the public presentation of the system to degrade. There are many testing tools and here a few are discussed in brief.

3.1. Proxy Sniffer

Proxy sniffer is a tool used for proving web emphasis and web burden. It is used to find the public presentation and stableness of web applications in existent burden conditions. It is specifically used for proving e-shops and e-banking applications. It helps one discovery out how many users a web application supports and the sort of mistakes that may happen due to overload.

3.1.1. Features

The Proxy Sniffer has the undermentioned features:

It supports multiple OS ( Operating Systems ) – it runs on Windowss XP/2000/NT as a consequence there are less issues of compatibility.

Saves time- it runs burden trials in a few proceedingss and record all trial scenarios.

Easy to put in and use- it is easy installed on Windowss and all functionalities can be used merely a few mouse chinks as it is user friendly and has a powerful Graphical User Interface ( GUI ) .

Scheduler- Proxy Sniffer allows one to schedule trial occupations at certain times, therefore if one wants to prove the public presentation of his/her e-shop at 12noon so all he/she can make is schedule the tool to get down its trial at 12noon.

E-mail and sms alerts- when a burden trial occupation is performed, electronic mail and sms presentments will be released. Alerts can be made when a trial starts or when there is an internal mistake.

3.2. WAPT ( Web Application Testing )

WAPT is a tool used for proving public presentation, emphasis and burden of web sites and web waiters.

Most public presentation issues occur when there is a high user burden as a consequence the waiter gets stressed. The burden testing is done to cognize how many coincident visitants the site can manage without mistake. WAPT can copy 1000s of users to prove the public presentation of the site and happen traffic jam. It does non necessitate expensive hardware to run, it runs in Windowss 7/XP/Vista and 2000. It is easy to utilize and provides clear graphs and studies assisting to pull off the testing procedure. It saves clip in the sense that one can make a basic trial and acquire information about the public presentation in proceedingss. If you have identified the job, halt the trial, fix the job and get down the trial once more to happen out whether there are any public presentation alterations.

3.2.2. Features

WAPT has the undermentioned characteristics:

Clear studies and graphs- the consequences are represented in enlightening and clear graphs and studies to give elaborate informations on web sites public presentation.

Playback and Recording- WAPT supports security characteristics related to HTTPS. Requests can be recorded and played back for security grounds, therefore to see that the content is unafraid.

User friendly interface- one can familiarise themselves with the characteristics of WAPT in merely a few proceedingss after installing. It is easy to utilize based on the cognition.

3.3. QA Wizard Pro

This is a tool used for machine-controlled functional and load testing of web, Windowss and Java applications. It is inexpensive because it performs functional and load trial in a individual application. It tests both web and Windowss applications, helps happen constrictions that slow the functionality of applications. QA ace is besides used to prove popular linguistic communications such as C++ and VB.NET.

3.3.1. Features

It supports multiple Operating Systems ; it runs in Windowss view, 2000, 7 and XP.

It tests web applications through cyberspace adventurer version 6.0 and subsequently and Firefox 3.0 and subsequently

It helps troubleshoot and fix jobs in scripting by usage of its constitutional debugging tools

Record and Playback engine- it enables one to record and playback books with no alterations. It allows one to add breakpoints and proctor books to trouble-shoot failures.

Batch File Support- this characteristic can be scheduled to run 24/7 therefore, 24hours a twenty-four hours seven yearss a hebdomad for a elaborate and thorough testing. It can besides be used to prove failures and do certain that the application functionality is non disturbed by alterations made to codifications.

3.4. QAInspect

It helps one carry out and manage web sites security and functional testing without any particular cognition about security. It helps prove web applications for security without go forthing the QA environment. Provides all necessary information after it finds that the website security is vulnerable.

3.4.1. Advantages

It is easy to utilize aa‚¬ ” it makes it simple for the user to transport out and handle security, functional and public presentation testing.

Defect reporting- security and functional defects are reported leting you to observe and extinguish security bugs

Reporting- it provides elaborate descriptions of security defects and information on resolution defects

4. Decision