The Arab World Essay

The Arab World            The recent events have put the Arab world at the center of public interest. Many people in various parts of the globe are intrigued as to the characteristics of its culture and the real identities of its people. However, the lack of knowledge of some people regarding the Arab world has also paved the way for stereotypes and prejudices toward them. Due this, it just timely that these people as well as the present situation of their region should be discuss for others to be enlightened about the real information about them.            Contrary to what some people believe that Arabs are just mostly seen in the Middle East, there are actually numerous of them who are constantly seen in the limelight due to their status in society. These people became famous not only in their respective countries but also in various parts of the world. This could be attributed to the fact that they excel in different fields of profession like politics, sports, and even in acting.

Some of the most notable personalities that trace their roots in the Arab culture will be discuss in the succeeding paragraphs.Mitchell Daniels            Mitchell Elias “Mitch” Daniels, Jr. is currently holding the position of Governor in the state of Indiana.

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He belongs to a first generation Syrian American. However, he was born in Monongahela, Pennsylvania on April 7, 1949. Daniels is a Republican who started his fourth term as Indiana’s Governor last January 10, 2005. He also served as the director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in 2001 upon the invitation of President George W. Bush. In line with this position, he also became a member of the National Security Council as well as the Homeland Security Council. Moreover, Daniels still remains loyal to his Arab origin, as he is a strong supporter of the Arab-American Institute.

The institute has honoured for him for his substantial contribution in the community (Wikipedia, 2008)Yasser SeirawanYasser Seirawan is known as a chess grandmaster. His exceptional skill in this game was proven in 1979 when he became the winner of the World Junior Chess Championship. In relation to this, he is also a four-time U.S. champion in this game.

Seirawan originated in Damascus, Syria where he was born. He was the son of an Arab and an English nurse from Nottingham. During his childhood, when he was just seven years old, his family emigrated to the United States specifically in Seattle. Seirawan interacted with equally famous personalities in this game like the Latvian chess master Viktors Pupols and six-time Washington State Champion Jim McCormick.

Furthermore, he is also a well-known author and commentator about chess. Seirawan further proved his knowledge and talent in chess when he launched his own version of the game, which he had enhanced and called it as the Seirawan chess. At present, Seirawan chess is being promoted worldwide (ArabMedia, 2004).

Jerry SeinfeldJerome Allen “Jerry” Seinfeld is a famous comedian, actor as well as a writer in Hollywood. His father comes from a Hungarian-Jewish background while her mother is a descendant of Syrian-Jewish. Despite his Middle Eastern lineage, he grew up in the American soil specifically in Massapequa, New York. Even though he grew up in the U.S., he experienced volunteering in Kibbutz Sa’ar Israel when he was only 16 years old.

Seinfeld became a household name in America because of the comedy show that was titled after his own surname. He gained popularity having the role of “a semi-fictional version of himself” on his own comedy show. Moreover, he was also among the cast of the motion picture “Bee Movie” wherein he played the character of “Barry B. Benson” (Wikipedia, 2008).

Jerry Seinfeld is still recognized as one of the most talented and reputable comedian in the industry of show business.            During this week, many important events have taken place in the Middle East, which greatly affected the Arab World. These incidents are observed in the different countries that are included in the Central Asian region.

One of the most notable news these past days is the effect of the global financial crisis in the Gulf stocks. Like most countries around the world, the Gulf states’ stock markets have also substantially decreased because of the uncertainty of the present crisis. This is clearly proven when only one among the six markets of this region that capitalizes in energy resources, re-opened on Sunday.

The Dubai Financial Market decreases by 6.86 per cent, which is close to 3,844.27 points. This is recorded as their lowest finish in the span of 18 months that contributed to the dropped of 35.2 per cent this year. Another serious implication of this financial problem is the depreciating value of the real estate sector that dropped into 11.

1 per cent. This is greatly felt when the Emaar, which is considered as the construction giant lost 12.3 per cent in their stocks (Aljazeera, 2008).            Peace and order has also been one of the main issues that most countries in the Middle East are facing. Recently, eleven people were killed because of a suicide bomber. This incident happened while the United States military was conducting raid in one of the private home in the Iraqi city of Mosul wherein the military claim that they are in an operation to capture a wanted man.

The military exchanged fire with armed men while they were entering the building where the wanted man was suspected to be. However, the operation get out of hand when a suicide bomber caused the death of three women and three children. The U.S. military claims that the incident is just another example of how the al-Qaeda used innocent Iraqis for their own vested interests (BBC, 2008).            In relation with the abovementioned incident, the Middle East peace deal that is also an important factor in achieving a long-lasting order in the region is not likely to happen this year.

According to the Foreign Minister of France Bernard Kouchner, they thought that they would be able to get the document for the peace deal before the end of the year but this would not be the case anymore. Kouchner said that it would take a little longer for the peace deal to actually take place. However, they still continue to encourage and urge Israelis and Palestinian to participate in these U.

S.-backed negotiations. Furthermore, Minister Kouchner’s main objective is to get the active participation of the Palestinian because the state is a key party in order to solve the persisting conflict between this state and Israel (The Jordan Times, 2008).            Nevertheless, even though the Arab World is facing some challenges in their midst they are still doing their best in order to reach out to other countries in the globe. This is clearly seen in the efforts of the Arab World to enhance their diplomatic ties with other states. Just recently, a symbolic visit of Egypt’s foreign minister, Ahmed Abul Gheit happened in Iraq.

The Arab nations are strengthening their relations with Iraq after the five years of war that the country has to go through. Egypt also follow suit, they are trying to mend their broken relations with Iraq. This took place in 1977 when Iraq criticized the decision of Egypt’s president during that time to establish peace initiatives with Israel. The situation was further worsened when Egypt joined the United Nations coalition that forced Iraq out of Kuwait. Nonetheless, Abul Gheit stated that Egypt believes that it just timely for them to re-establish their ties with Iraq and build a much deeper relationship between these two countries (Aljazeera, 2008).            The discussions above show that the Arab World is the origin of numerous talented and skilled individuals who tend to excel in their own respective fields of profession.

The recent events also gave a glimpse of the situations in the Middle East. Similar to other countries, they also have their own sets of problems that they have to face and address. Likewise, they are also doing all the necessary action in order to enhance the situation of their region as well as establish a better relationship with the international community.

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