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The art of design has appealed to me
ever since I was a child. I was creative, artistic and imaginative as a child
and loved sketching and painting and participated in numerous drawing
competitions and won quite a few awards. Since childhood I’ve loved to visit my
father’s construction site, who is a civil engineer. The ongoing construction
process of making huge building structures used to fascinate me. How a few
materials, when combined together with technology can create a space of its
own, which is the same as the drawing detail on a piece of a paper was amusing
to me.  As the years passed, my interest
in design and construction grew even deeper and to actuate my interest, I
decided to pursue my career in Architecture. However, the major factor that impacted my
decision was that this field would not limit my options. I could practice
architecture or become a designer, planner or I could become a project manager.
I had a plethora of options.

During my bachelor’s in Architecture, I was introduced to various
subjects like Architectural Design, Architectural Building Construction &
Management and Building Services which played a major role in forming the
foundation of my education in this field. Subjects like Interior Design,
Graphics Design, and Environmental Sustainability introduced me to another
aspect of my field. I learnt various softwares such as Grasshopper, 3ds
max, Revit these trainings ensured that I could visually turn my concepts into
3d renderings. Along with academics, I participated in different competitions
like Logo Design for the Council of Architecture and Transparency. I also
attended various workshops and seminars held by my college on Set Designing,
Parametric Design, and Tensile Roof Structures and attended various study tours
organized by my college. By participating and attending these events I not only
developed my time management and communication skills but I also got the
opportunity to interact with many professional speakers who shared their
knowledge at these workshops and seminars.

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During my 4th year of architecture, I
bagged an internship at Folds Design Studio, Navi Mumbai where I had the
opportunity to work under the Interior Design and Product Design department for
a period of 4 months. During this tenure I designed interiors for residential
and commercial spaces.  I also witnessed
working of various machines like CNC, water jet, MDF laser cutting and router
cutting through which various furniture products were made and from different
materials. This experience improved my technical and practical knowledge and my
interests in this field grew further. After practical training in Interior
Designing, I realized my interests and decided to further study this subject
for masters. After completion of my Bachelors of Architecture degree, I started
working as a Junior Architect in STAPL (Soyuz Talib Architects Pvt. Ltd.), Navi
Mumbai. Where I got well rounded training delving into both Architecture and
Interior Designing. During my work experience at STAPL, I learned how to carry
out plans, sections, elevations through its detailing and then by its final
execution on site. My
current position as a Junior Architect at STAPL has made me realize that in
order to progress further in my career I need to be aware and gain an in depth
knowledge in the field of Interior Design.

My goal is to gain expertise in Lighting, Interior Design and study
different materials and its fabrication. The esteemed, Pratt University has the right faculty and teaching
program which can help me develop my skills. I am sure that learning under the
guidance of pioneers of this field will give me a new insight to my learning. I
understand that pursuing this degree requires dedication, hard work and a sound
intellect along with total commitment and I hope that my credentials and
motivation qualify me as a suitable candidate for the MFA in Interior Design at
your university. A master degree will not only help me become a specialist but
also put my career on the right track.


Kajal B Pal