The art work is made. It allows

The problem with some of the sources that I
found is that it may be biased, as it comes from a blog with little
professional merit. Others are reviews and articles which are from Museums and
Newspapers that make them a stronger argument point. Books of photography
chronology can be found however, discussion in detail about where photography
stands and how it struggled against other artists using different mediums was
harder to find. I collected information from many sources and created an
overall argument. What I can conclude is that in order for photography to be
part of art and not be just seen in advertisement, one must be a fine artist
first and then explore photography. This way the work that is created becomes
more than just an image with no concept behind it. If not, then photographers
are stuck at a block where they cannot evolve. There will always be iconic
images which are worldwide known however, if photographers keep being stuck in
reality, it will never be accepted as part of contemporary art and move forward
with the evolving world. It will only be used as a visual diary but never the
main piece of work.


There are emerging styles which could use
photography as its main medium to explore what could be created. It does have
potential as long as the work is not created just by photographers. That way
the work will be stuck following photography regulations. Sometimes its better
when the environment is not controlled where the art work is made. It allows
exquisite work to be made by accident which other ways would never been

When asking where does photography stand,
essentially I am also asking where does art stand now as well. It has become
confusing as it is difficult to define what is art and who decides that now.
Art is everywhere around us however, what about art which “conveys deep meaning
and is consequently judged to possess a special value – both cultural and
monetary?”. Do we still need art like that? You can see how difficult it is by
asking anyone to “come up with a brief and clear explanation of this higher
kind of art that would be convincing to anyone, from any walk of life, who
heard it”. This kind of art is explored in schools and universities but in
everyday world, simple art does the job. The confusion about it is largely
caused by the art world. They tell us that art can be anything as long as the
artist says it is art. Many people that go to galleries would have heard of
“Duchamp and his urinal”. It seems that the art world is not “good at
explaining how certain people get to be artists and decide what art is for the
rest of us”. The selection of what is art is made by those who hold power even
though it might not make sense when evaluating aesthetics. It seems to work as
the art world makes sure to conserve, control and assign who gets the power.
“Once a year, Art Review publishes a list of the 100 people on the
international art scene who wields the most clout”. So there is a hierarchy in
the art world which tells us what is considered art. This is what confuses me
as I did not know who’s word I should listen to. I did not know before doing
this research that there is a list of people whom I should always look into
what they say when I am confused about art.


Unfortunately, photography is not a major medium
to be explored within the art world. It can be seen everywhere however it is
part of advertisement. Digital media used in billboards, magazines and TV. The
major known galleries are showing contemporary work which to extent is painting
and sculpture. Only couple of works can be found which are photographs. “Art,
like beauty,” “turns out to be in the eye of the beholder” (Poynor. Rick,
2010). What is considered art is different to every individual depending what
they value beautiful. However, you cannot argue with the art world people what
is art when you want to make your work official and out there. Photographer
struggle as the medium does not have a strong foot in the art world, therefore
trying to make photography that can have a place in it. Firstly, a thorough
historical and philosophical research must be done in order to understand what
is our history, present and past when it comes to art, society and culture.
Photography does have hope to be one of the main mediums explored in art as
long as the work does not go down the advertisement route. It demonstrates
aspects of contemporary art and addresses the issues of todays society. Its not
just a picture that is worth a hundred words, it has to have context and
research behind it by the artist.Pictorialism had a dreamlike look that
demonstrated how art can look free from fine detail and still be a style
popular in the late 1800’s. It has a soft like touch to it that in a way
creates a fog which could be due to all the steam from trains and other
transport or it may be morning in the image and the fog is the water
evaporating into the atmosphere. “One of the most popular French painters of the
early 19th century” (The National Gallery) Paul Delaroche accounted
publicly that “From today, painting is dead” (Leggat. Robert, 1999) as he felt
that painting was under attack and being challenged by photography. The Modernism
movement, which is easiest understood with the commonly known expression “form
follows function” (Denzer. Anthony S), created an argument when applying
Modernism to photography that photography is better than any other medium at “efficiently and effectively
reproduce the visible world onto a flat surface”. If this is taken as a
function that serves its purpose, “then, according to Modernist thinking, the form of photography should consist of
imagery that uses the full technical capabilities of camera and capture medium
to faithfully convey maximum information about the scene being documented” (Mireles.
John Raymond). To my understanding, this tells me that the Camera should
capture the textures and colours of the world that we see through our eyes to
the best of its capabilities, and exhibit them on a two- dimensional surface.
That way the image such as Figure 1 becomes deceiving to the audience’s eyes as
it does not appear like a photograph anymore, it seems to be made by a
different medium such as charcoal or chalk. This displays the level of camera

Ansel Adams, “photographer and environmentalist”
(Turnage. Williams) created images that are still recognised all over the
world, which were distinctive and well defined. He created a technique with
Fred Archer called the “Zone System” (Wikipedia, 2017), which guaranteed a
correct exposure in any situation and under any lighting condition. Use of this
technique created images that were
“the most technically precise prints of all time. To this day, visually all
photographs have adopted the modernist tenants exemplified by Ansel Adams and
many others” (Mireles. John Raymond, 2017).