The Article Review Essay

The Article Review            The Cleveland Police Department was, without a doubt, one of the best in their time because it was consisted of hardworking personnel. However, it became apparent to Mayor Stokes at the time of his service that some changes were needed to be implemented because of the numerous shortcomings of the department. As one of the first black people to ever lead a city at that time, it was important for Mayor Stokes to see if there are inequalities in the police department. Indeed there were numerous instances that the white people are given more importance than the blacks. Due to this, Mayor Stokes found it necessary to change some of the policies of the police department.

            One such problem was the lack in training in human relations of the officers. Although they were considered the best in what they do, they did not have much experience in handling interaction with the public, which became transparent, especially on how they dealt with the black community. A significant difference could be seen on how white people were treated from the black people, and this was not a good sign since police personnel should treat everyone fairly no matter what the color of their skins are.            If there were problems in handling the black community, there were also problems in handling black policemen.

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They were kept out of the department and were dispersed in places where the black community majored in the area. It was apparent that the former leaders of the department believed that only the black police officers could handle the black community.            Mayor Stokes wanted the Cleveland Police Department to improve and in the end, he was able to accomplish this goal. He made it possible for the department to obtain better equipments to use. He also made it a point to provide more opportunities for the officers to receive trainings so that they can perform their job better. His way of handling the change was very positive and it proved to be effective because the department has improved ever since.