The Atmosphere of Thornfield Essay

Thornfield, is a place full of mysterious and eerie atmosphere, a place with both lighting and roses. When Jane Eyre just meets Mrs. Fairfax, the Thornfield gives the overall impression of the feeling of home. “snug, small room”, “cheerful fire”, “large cat sits demurely at old lady’s feet” form a harmonious and serene picture. Mrs. Fairfax is totally same as what Jane Eyre images, which gives a really comfortable and quiet atomsphere to Thornfield.

When Jane Eyre walks to her room, a turning point appears- “The steps and banisters were of oak… looked as if they belonged to a church rather than a house”, the house style is more solemn and serious than a house should be, which paves the way for characristic of house owner and later life of main characters. It creates a big contrast between the atomsphere at really beginning when Jane Eyre enters Thornfield which gives readers a deep impression of this house. A very chill and vaultlike air pervaded the stairs and gallery” and “The chamber lloked such a bright little place to me as the sun shone in between the gay blue chintz window curtains” show the opposite two sides of Thornfield, which make people cannot really guess what kind of person is the house owner like. Author uses these adjectives to create contrast, makes readers to generate a sense of curiosity to Thornfield, this also coats a layer of mystery for it. The Thornfield is just like its owner Mr. Rochester, is serious but dark sometimes.

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The paints in Thornfield’s hall shows the taste of Mr. Rochester who is elegent and solemn. In this excerpt, it is said when sunshine comes through, ” showing papered walls and a carpeted floor, so unlike the bare planks and stained plaster of Lowood”. The sunshine shines through the blue windows which shows the new beginning of Jane Eyre’s life after living Lowood and live on her own, meaning the unknown and wonderful new start. This gives people and also Jane Eyre expectations of the life in the Thornfield, which may have both sunshine and lighting, roses and thorns.