The Average Work Week Should Be No More Than Thirty Hours Essay

The average of workweek Because we are in 21 century, most of companies force workers to work more than 10 hours in a day which means more than 50 hours in a week to get more products in less time, and most people spend all their time work to get more money. However, the average workweek should be no more than 30 hours.

Workers who spend more than half a day working will feel tired, especially if they don’t work in offices, and they will not be able to do any other activates even in their weekends because they will spend it sleeping and getting ready for another hard week, and later it will effects in their health and they will might get an illness, And it also will affect in the quality of the work, because they just want to finish it and they might not care about if it has been done good or not, and they will make mistakes, that’s why working 50 hours may not save a time or a money , because they will spend too much of that time fixing the mistakes they shouldn’t have made it. Last of all, it can affect in their family, because as they will get tired, they will not be able to solve the problems of their family and even they can’t talk or sit with their kids or taking care of them, so as a result, the children might fail in the school and walk in the wrong way by get a bad friends or even break the laws. In conclusion, it’s a serious problem in our society, so people should not work more than 30 hours per week, and if they must work more than it, they should be prepare to live under pressure