The basis we evaluate family health and relationship between individual health family health and community health Essay

The basis we evaluate family health and relationship between individual health family health and community health; 1 Page, 2 Sources, APA Style; Preferred language style: English (U.S.)

We evaluate individual health on physical and mental signs and symptoms. On what basis do we evaluate family health? Is there a relationship between individual health, family health, and community health? Explain.

            Family health evaluation plays a very important role on the physical and mental health of every individual present in the family.  There are certain guidelines under which a family health evaluation can be conducted.  A detailed history needs to be taken from each and every family member, which should include general information and specific information.  All the family strengths need to be noted along with the family resources.  Any individual suffering from a mental disorder requires suitable modification of the family environment so that therapeutic measures can be more successful.  A detailed family history can also be taken from a previous caregiver and the interactions with the family and the caregiver should be noted.   A family interview usually needs to be conducted on an individual basis.  However, there may also require a session where all the family members would have to attend together.  In some cases, proper sequencing of the family interview can be conducted.  During the family assessment, the strengths and weaknesses present in the family should b noted down.  The need for any family therapy also needs to be closely determined.  Having a family health assessment can have several implications including:-

Identifying family strengths and weaknesses
Giving attention to a problem existing in the family
Parenting styles can be determined and improved
All the family members would benefit from such an intervention
Links between each member and the family can be determined
Find new information-gathering and information-processing methods (AACAP, 2007).

            There is a strong relationship between individual, family and community health.  Several factors/variables that affect individual and family health such as age, socio-economic status, gender, employment, etc, tend to also affect community health.  When these factors are poor (such as poor socio-economic status, unemployment, physical disease, mental conditions, poverty, etc) at the family and the individual level, community health also tends to get seriously affected.  This finding is based on a study conducted by Wickrama et al (2005) on a rural Minnesota population (Wickrama et al, 2005).


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