The Battle of Shiloh Essay

The Battle of Shiloh Leah Webster, 1st Period Specifics about the battle 1. Where was the Battle of Shiloh fought? The Battle of Shiloh was fought in Pittsburg Landing which is in Hardin County, Tennessee. 2. What leaders commanded the North? The generals who lead the Union were Don Carlos Buell and Ulysses S. Grant. 3. What leaders commanded the South? The generals who lead the Confederates were Albert Sidney Johnston and P. G. T. Beauregard. 4. How many deaths were there in this battle? On the Union side there were 1,754 killed, 8,408 wounded, 2,885 missing and captured which makes a total of 13,047.

On the Confederate side there were 1,728 killed, 8,012 wounded, 959 missing and captured which makes a total of 10,669. Lasting impact of the battle Well at the end of The Battle of Shiloh, the Union gained yet another victory for themselves. This battle battle was the bloodest battle in all of history up to that point. At the beginning of the battle, the Union was not off to a great start but they pulled through in the end. The Battle of Shiloh had two major lasting impacts on the Civil War. One of the results was that General Grant was said that the failure on the first day of the battle was his fault for being to drunk.

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He had to regain his reputation in order to be trusted again. The second lasting impact was that after the battle, both sides realized that this war wasn’t stopping anytime soon. This battle was the first major bloody battle that both sides had ever had and they did not know what to expect in the future. To who it may concern, I am deeply sorry to inform you that your son, J. C. Breckinridge, has passed away. The cause of his death was being shot in the stomach and chest twice. Your son was one of the bravest soul I have ever seen.

He might not have been called a hero back home, but here he was a incredible hero. Again, I am so very sorry to inform you of this tragic news. Just know that he died fighting for his country. He was the toughest Confederate I knew. Please understand that all of us here on the Confederate side are deeply sorry. Just remember, the Union killed your son. Interesting Facts: -The Battle of Shiloh was the bloodiest in U. S. history at the time it was fought. But later that year, names like Second Manassas and Antietam would eclipse it. General Prentiss and most of his division was eventually captured as the Hornet’s Nest was surrounded and overrun, but not before inflicting grievous casualties on the Confederates. -Confederate cavalry commander General N. B. Forrest was scouting and wanted to attack Buell’s men in the dark, but no Confederate commander would commit their troops to a night attack. -Grant had given the North another victory, following his capture of Forts Henry and Donelson. Lincoln had found a general who could win. Works Cited: http://www. funtrivia. om/en/subtopics/battle-of-shiloh-234921. html http://www. civilwar. org/battlefields/shiloh. html http://www. civilwarhome. com/shiloh. htm http://www. eyewitnesstohistory. com/shiloh. htm Picture cites: http://www. sonofthesouth. net/leefoundation/civil-war/1862/generals-battle-shiloh. htm http://historyrat. wordpress. com/2011/06/27/the-battle-of-shiloh-johnstons-gambit/ http://www. emersonkent. com/map_archive/battle_of_shiloh_01. htm http://www. glogster. com/krodenberg/kristin-k-and-the-battle-of-shiloh/g-6mkloa8pku4ctvqq7q3qqa0? old_view=True