The Battle of Stay-at-Home Moms and Working Mothers Essay

Deadhead’s article focuses on nonworking mothers and their benefits, Foreordains article describes the defenses of a stay at home mom. Proofreaders defines stay at home moms as a great status. Being a mom in general is a “job”. So many women and men have an unrealistic view of a nonworking mother. Proofreaders says, “[w]e tend to portray stay at home moms as either unmotivated, depressed, uneducated or the easy way of life, wealthy or married to a wealthy man” (Proofreaders). Disagreeing with this statement, she believes it is just a stereotype and women’s values as a parent re much higher.

Stereotypes can be misleading and judging a mother on the base of her husband’s salary is a big one. Portraying the role of a stay at home mother is the time in your life where you want to watch your kids grow and learn while you’re even expanding your knowledge on life itself. Proofreaders points out “if Mechanics 2 your mother quit her role as a mother, entire lives would be turned upside down; society would suffer greatly’ (Freedoms), believing women should set aside their work arrangements to contribute to taking care of their children.

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Children should be a mother’s first priority, especially at a younger age. Dashed displays stay at home moms as being ignorant and women looking for a way out to escape the real world. Her notion “[a] tiny percentage of moms are extremely highly educated and affluent and have chosen to raise children full time” (Dashed), suggests that many mothers take the easy way out of getting a strong, good education. The mothers who are working hold higher values than just watching heir kids day to day.

Dashed notes to the stay at home mothers, “please stop saying that being a stay-at-home mom is he toughest or most important job in the world” (Desire). Women should be out working, experiencing life and not just looking after their kids from day to day. Women should enjoy their work and still love their kids, but at the same time have that “Thank God its Monday” feeling after the weekends. Despite the many differences on whether to be a stay at home mom, Desire and Proofreaders share an appreciation on the fact that mothers want the very best for their children.

The debate shows the different expectations women eave for their selves and families. Desire contends, “[t]here is no value in the pernicious notion that either working moms or stay-at-home moms are “better” (Desire). Both arrangements are fulfilling and play a role in their child’s lives. Beresford note’s “the service provided by all parents is equally important and your job is not any tougher than mine” (Proofreaders), suggesting being a stay at home mom is indeed a job, but not in any way Mechanics 3 more valuable . Working brings women a sense of appreciation; no matter what route they choose.

Making the decision to stay home with your kids or join the workforce can be a difficult process. Society has a major role when it comes to expectations of a mothers path In life. There is no right answer. Many stay at home moms believe they are doing the correct thing while other moms, husbands and society as a whole and are pointing fingers and calling it the easy way out. Many are saying they are actually working and making a commitment as a “job” to watch their kids grow up and teach them everything a mom should be teaching their children.