The was also responsible of writing prescriptions which

The interest I have for the science
specifically Chemistry inspired me to think about my future career and how
chemistry related degree could be a possibility for me. I have always enjoyed Maths
and Biology throughout my education and I have acknowledged that I can combine
both in a career in pharmacy. A world of Pharmacy is quickly progressing to
save society’s lives and bring together new drug therapies which are advantageous
for everyone. This inspires me to be a part of this important healthcare to obtain
scientific knowledge on how these developments have occurred.

I arranged one week
of work experience at my local Chemist which included serving customers and
working as a team to assist with other retail tasks. I delivered prescriptions
to patients unable to collect them. Through my experience I gained more
awareness of the role pharmacists have in the NHS and learnt that patient
involvement is not restricted to doctors and nurses, pharmacists also play an
important role in hospitals as clinical pharmacists.

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Studying an access to higher education
in pharmacy course gave me a fantastic opportunity to study chemistry, biology,
physics and maths. Through the biology modules, I have gained knowledge of the instant
functions of organs and the way in which one small variation can have a huge
impact on the body much like in the manufacturing and running of medicines. I
have also learnt how different bacterial strains are resistant to an
antibiotic, which encourages me to further develop my knowledge and
understanding about medications. In chemistry I mostly enjoyed learning about
the composition of molecules, their different functional groups and also
instrumental analysis I was fascinated mostly by these because they allow you
to see the chemistry in action.

Working as a dental nurse for approximately 5 years in both
private and NHS?practices has given me the confident to work at the
professional level. Assisting the dentists during the treatment gave me?a
greater understanding of team work. I was also responsible of writing prescriptions
which included patient’s personal details, finding.  In most cases the
people I encountered at out of hours dental emergency on my Saturday and
evening job were either in pain or suffering from some serious periodontal
diseases that could have been avoided had they know about the many preventable
measures available to them. Through this, I also learnt the necessity and
effect of antibiotics on a patient’s body. Mentoring trainee dental nurses has developed my interpersonal and leadership skills. Dental nursing has enabled me to practice competently as a health care
professional. It has also given me the confidence to?communicate and interacts with patients effectively. It has taught me the
necessity of patient confidentiality as well as the importance of continuous
professional development.


Recreationally I enjoy playing tennis?and
love swimming. Also I am hugely fond of?art and?love to draw henna designs. Twice
a year a night before?Eid,?I?volunteer my henna art to people of my
community. I have a
passion for creating embroidery work, from which the attention to fine detail
has improved my manual dexterity skills. Additionally, I dedicate time as a
carer to a grandparent suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The contentment of
providing care first-hand has encouraged a desire to offer comprehensive health
care as part of the team.  


am aware of all the challenges and difficulties that come with this profession
and I am ready to face these. I
have seen that pharmacy is an essential component in the NHS and a career that
I look forward to.  I
believe that my commitment to this career and the proficiency that I have to offer
will enable me to reach my aspiration to become an exceptional pharmacist.