The been evolving since the early 90’s,

The effectiveness of preparing
and converting to pdf for home and office

Megan mummer

     Professor Owens







Adobe Acrobat has become a household standard; it reader
is free, and readily useable. Today, when you get a new computer, Adobe Acrobat
is setup on your desktop for easy day-to-day usage. Adobe Acrobat has become
very valuable, and allows documents to be more manageable and user-friendly.
The program is so accessible many use it at home and for business. Adobe
Acrobat is available on many different platforms, and the program is used
worldwide. Adobe Acrobat makes it simple to use on computer and on mobile devices.
There are three types of Adobe Acrobat which are Adobe Professional, Adobe Reader,
and Adobe DC. Depending on the level of document management determines the
level of Adobe Acrobat one will need. One may ask when a person would use such
a product, and is it an effective way to get work done. Adobe Acrobat has been
evolving since the early 90’s, designing the program better, and making documents
freely accessible. Adobe Acrobat demonstrates new ways to export pdfs from
other programs. The unlocking feature in cloud allows one to edit pdfs when you
purchase the full professional version of the product. Adobe Acrobat has many
competitors in the field, but it does not stop them from striving to
continually improve the software.


The effectiveness of preparing
and converting to pdf for home and office




The data on this paper was collected by using some websites
and what was already known about the program. Going through each website that
is listed I carefully went through and scanned for the information needed. Some
of the websites visited are, facts and case studies concerning their
Adobe Acrobat product. Adobe Acrobat tackling large and small jobs around the
world, Across every industry imaginable.
“You can use Adobe Acrobat to look
down electronic documents, create press ready color pages, or produce
form-laden documents that feed data back to a database. “(Stattford,Alan,2010) Adobe acrobat revising there program made documents
easier to read and assembile for the public.
“Adobe X Pro greatly improves PDF portfolios, allowing you to
import live Web content–including streaming video–into a portfolio.” (Stattford,Alan,2010) The program made it easier to select color just by clicking in the bar to
the side.  Adobe Acrobat X Pro has many
new features but of course with new toys comes some issues. When the user
clicks on a color it is hard to know where the color choosen wil wind up.One
example used in this article,” You can select from a wide
assortment of hues, but you can’t use an eyedropper to match a shade that’s
already in your doc”. (Stattford,Alan,2010) the company still supports what has improved like
useres that don’t own Adobe Acrobat being able to leave comments on the
document. As a user you can now highlight so its easier to go back and read
what you saw in your document. With the new relases on the product they have
improved on elements like toolbar, homescreen, and text. They say in this article that “The new Tools
dialog lets you search and use any of Acrobat’s features, and add or remove
them from the shortcut panel on the right.” (Mendelson,Edward). The older version for Adobe Acrobat
apparently only let you use one type of typeface on the document before. Adobe
Acrobat’s update now lets you” build a
custom font from the text in a scanned image and lets you add text in that scanned
font—and if the scanned text is ragged and uneven, the scanned font will be
ragged and uneven to match. “(Mendelson,Edward). One way Adobe Acrobat software stand-up to its competition is
that the program is definitely easy to use. Top Ten Review has many pros to
what the program can do like, “Adobe’s
wide variety of tools and features help you create excellent and appealing PDFs
and PDF presentations.”(Stone, Jessica). Adobe created portable document format
which made the company succeed greatly in their efforts. Adobe Acrobat has had
a lot of good like there sign and fill app for tablets and phones which has
made it easier to put your signature on documents. Like what the company says
here “Fill
& Sign is a great app for everyone, and it’s free, while Adobe DC mobile is
nice for people who use a lot of Adobe products.”(Cnet, 2017, December 6). Adobe Acrobat stays current by changing
the look of their program and always updating to make it better. Adobe Acrobat
has a user friendly database which makes it easy to use for people who not all
might be computer savvy. Seeing all the articles and what every costumer who
has used Adobe has said opened my eyes to seeing that there are always good and
bad for every program. All new software goes through rough patches and breaks
back through them better and stronger than before. As long as the team and the
supervision can work together well there is nothing that they should not be
able to accomplish.





Adobe Acrobat is changing the world by reaching the digital
world and is pushing the envelope farther. Not everyone might agree with how
the program works and probably will not use it. The ratings for Adobe Acrobat
will always vary but they get a lot of good feedback from users as a company.
The fact they show all there prices for their products help make it easy to
pick exactly what you might want to use. Adobe Acrobat makes icons easy to see
and read so it jumps out at the customer to make sure they click on it. They
made it easier for customers to pick categories by changing the layout from
panels to separate icons that you can see clearly on all interfaces, but best
on the desktop. From how Adobe sets up their pricing it seems that they really
want you to sign up for long term so the company can show you more. Adobe
offers exceptional product for emerging artist to people who have used it for a
long time new and exciting ways to edit their documents. Many people who use
this program will notice that it is high quality for the happiness of the
person who opens Adobe Acrobat. From the reviews and facts I saw on the sites
Adobe acrobat gets more good feedback then bad. The program has more successes
then faults that it has had over the years. When seeing that they probably had
to go through some bad versions and had to fix many bugs to get to this point.
I found out that after almost 25 years the users that used the program when it
was at day 1.0 still new still; use it now that it is at its 11th
version, an amazing show of how many people stayed loyal to them. Knowing that
you have the people behind you all those years gives people confidence to keep
going on even in the hardest times. I’m sure the company has had people that
have tried to steal or compete with them and had to work through the bumps in
the road. Adobe Acrobat leans toward being very helpful for people in the workflow,
which makes an ease submitting those documents that would be a pain to edit in
another program. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.



Some pros for Adobe Acrobat
include” pdf’s can be opened on any
device with any operating system in exactly the same form in which it was
created.”( Log aster, February 16, 2015) knowing that your pdf will not
change to a lower quality image when you bring it in is a great advantage to
using the program. Another one is that it is easy for viewing. “Adobe Acrobat Reader
is often pre-installed on your computer and it is totally free.”( Log aster,
February 16, 2015) I think it is awesome that if you have any platform you
could have Adobe Acrobat pre-installed. Pdfs also take up little storage so it
makes it easy to use and you know that you’re not losing too much space. Adobe
Acrobat makes setting up security easy by giving you options like not letting
certain documents print or signature helping you with the authenticity of your
document. But of course even though Adobe Acrobat has a lot of pros to it there
are also some cons along the way. The program makes so you pretty much have to
sign up because editing pdfs is not really a free use. Pdfs also can only be
edited in the specialized program for Adobe Acrobat so it may be easier to use
something else. Seeing these small flaws they are still at the top of the line
to use.


Acrobat has many tools at your disposal once you open the pdf viewer. Adobe has
changed the look of their tools over the years to make it easier to see and
use. Like with their home screen as soon as you open Adobe it shows you your
recent and a list of files which I find very helpful, so the user does not have
to go into their file and search for the document.

. They made the new interface easy to use by making clear
icons and a way to search for what you are looking to use. The toolbar is easy
to find by just scrolling over an icon and then clicking to use it. They made a
fast and easy interface to work with. Exporting a pdf is made easy because you
just go into the drop down menu >save as> PDF and it will save it as a
pdf. Adobe Acrobat makes it so you can save a pdf on any server or program that
supports adobe. For example colleges have always used pdfs for showing work on
a screen because the quality is better than a student saving the image as a
jpg.  Exporting pdfs has made it easy to
check your work and see what there is to fix and then being able to do it
immediately. Adobe Acrobat also offers deals on their products to save you
money at the holidays. The company does offer fair prices as well for how many
abilities you are getting when you download or buy the program in full.  Adobe Acrobat has also made it easy to save a
document by not having a lot of steps through exporting to save your current
document. I think the fact that you can just go to save as pdf and it does it
makes for an ease of use.  Adobe Acrobat
has many different options for printing use. Adobe has regular printing use and
then advance printing for anyone who would like to make sure the document is
precise.  For the advance print settings
if your pdfs doesn’t want to print you may have to change it to an image in
order for it to print right. Another possibility is if the fonts you used are
not embedded you may have to download them and input the fonts in again after
printing. Some other advance printing options are letting you add print markers
on your document or choosing how the color shows from the screen to the printed
sheet. In order to use the search engine you go up to the bar and you type what
it is you would like to find.  To make a
pdf searchable you click on your tools and then pick text recognition which
will make it so you can find that specific pdf.  To search just for a pdf you type filetype.pdf
and it should only bring up pdf files. Searching for a scanned pdf is to select
and search through the text in that file, making it easy to find and
reuse the information from your document. 
There are so many features and benefits to Adobe Acrobat and i find out
a lot more about adobe by reading through this information.



Adobe Acrobat has a strong interface because the company made it so
customers can use adobe on any platform includes apple, windows, pc, laptop and
many more. Making there program easy to access and use is a huge success
because most interfaces can be hard to use and understand.  From the time they started with 1.0 to now in
11.0 making sure that their application and execution evolved with each new
version was probably what made them such a worldwide program.  When you go to search for help with adobe
there are tons of sites to go if you cannot find help on the main page.  A lot of the articles you will find on those
other sites are fro0m people who have probably had the same issues and can
answer the questions from personal experience. Adobe would rather you use there
printing options to print documents out for pdfs only because they tweaked and
made it easy for the customer to print what they want. Whereas when you use
regular print settings and it can be annoying because sometimes it is not setup
to how it should be or the calculation could be off when the printed page comes

Adobe Reader to Adobe Professional Comparison

Adobe reader is the
free version that you can use for a trial period to see if you really like
using adobe before buying it. This version does not have all the features but
Adobe still offers a lot for it being free. Whereas other programs would make
it the bare minimum of what you can use before buying the full version. Adobe
Professional is the full use of the program offering you a varied list of what
you can do when you open up your home screen. Adobe offers a good deal and I
think it is worth it to give it a try if you use pdfs and documents on a daily
basis. Adobe may be more useful to people who work but even in daily life I
feel the program is useful.


Adobe Acrobat has many
competitors that try to be as good or maybe even try to steal the work that
they produce. I am going to just list a few of their competitors and then say
who top competition is. The top five competitors for adobe acrobat are “,iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional for
Mac, Nitro Pro 9 (Windows), iSkysoft PDF Converter Pro (Mac and
Windows), Fox it PDF Editor (Windows), Wonder
share PDFelement.” ( Ansaldo, Michael 2017, September 7) The runner up to Adobe Acrobat is nitro pro
11 because of its Microsoft ties and its integration of being able to be used
with iCloud. The fact that adobe makes it easy to exchange documents through
the cloud is good when a person is on the go and does not have direct access to
a computer or a laptop at the time. What people are looking for in a pdf editor
is being able to create, converting, and exporting without having to go to an
outside source. Adobe Acrobat makes those ideas easy and very accessible to the
customer at all times. Another thing that any pdf editor should have is making
it easy to add comments for the user to read when they get the document back.  The fact that adobe offers the ability to make
comments means that if multiple editors get the document it makes it easy to
add more on. Adobe Acrobat having mobile support makes it the top pdf program
to use over any of its competitors. Even with all the competition they have
from all sides they can still update and keep up with the times faster than
anyone else. Adobe Acrobat will stay at the top for a long time to come will
keep progressing as time moves forward.



Although industry standards and practices are continually
changing, results seems to indicate that Adobe PDF is forefront in viewing,
creating, handling, producing, printing, converting, and managing files in
their market niche. A wide-range of people and organizations use Adobe PDF
format, and will most likely continue to lead in this business area

Virtually everyone you know owns
Adobe Acrobat which is kind of amazing when you think about it.




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