The benefits and cost of Head Start Essay

The Benefits and Cost of Head Start            Introduction:Head Start is a social service which is serving for young children who are suffering from poverty and are unable to get education. This is a pre-kinder garden program for many disadvantaged children. This program was developed in 1965. One of the reasons for introducing this kind of program was to increase the rate of literacy in the poor countries where people can not even afford basic education. They provide very healthy environment to the children. They treat them as respecting familiesBody: There are several evidences which show the success of this program.

Head Start was previously developed in 300 countries by policy makers. These 300 countries were suffering with the high rate of poverty in 1960s. This program since its introduction has provided many opportunities for low-income children and families. It has produced many long-term and short term benefits to these countries.Success of the Head Start:To find the effectiveness of Head Start service, different assignments were given to them which were then test and than analyzed.

The achieved results were than compared with those who had studied and not studied under this program. It was found that the children who had participated in 1960s under this program have scored more than those who did not participated. They have got more social, emotional and language development.Short-Term Benefits:It has produced many significant and positive impacts on the lives of poor. It has developed the children in such a way that they are always ready to serve their institute.  They promote their institute or program in a very positive manner. All these short-term benefits create the long-term benefits in future.Long-Term Benefits:Head Start has many long term benefits.

One of the benefits is that they avoid crime when they grew up. Not this they have learned many ethical values through which they can improve their life style. They serve their country very sincerely.  Through this program the children were enable to focus and achieve their goals. Head Start increases the social abilities of the children which helped them a lot when they become adults. It enhanced the skills of the children so that they progress in their fields.  This program teaches them such a good values of life that when they grew up they serve and support their families. So by doing this they are reducing the rate of poverty in their countries.

Cost of the Head Start:The findings from Ludwig and Miller provide that with respect to the long-term benefits of Head Start service is larger than the expenditure of the program.  It is estimated that Head Start currently spend nearly $9,000 on per child.  The families of the children do not cost anything. Head Start is responsible for giving them all the educational facilities. Head Start is running with the help of government funds and agencies which have sponsored it.

Government of US is supporting this program very strongly. Every year the Head Start budget is developed by the grantee. For preparing the budget few things are always kept in mind.

 There are some training and technical assistance funds for Head Start. The level of funding is 50 to 100% higher in those 300 poor countries in which the poverty is very high. So we can say that supported by government and through different funding Head Start is giving its best in the society. The cost of almost every child results in the future benefits.Conclusion:It is actually a campaign to end the child poverty through educating them. This program has provided the parents to continue their families and self sufficiency.  With some short-term benefits it has many long-term benefits which will effects the society in a positive way.

There is a need to remove the poverty from the world and it can only be done through educating the people especially the young children.               ReferencesLudwig L., (2007). The Benefits and Costs of Head Start.

 New York: University of Chicago.