The Benefits of Private Browsing Essay

When privacy browsing is enabled on a web browser, it prevents the browser from storing information like browsing history, form data, usernames, and passwords. Without this enabled, browsers are able to store this information to be recovered at a later date. There are many reasons to use this feature. A few of these reasons are planning surprises, logging in on someone else’s computer, and using multiple accounts simultaneously. Whether you are shopping for gifts or planning a surprise for a family member that uses the same computer, it is helpful to not have your browsing history and other information saved.

Private browsing allows you to view websites that you do not want anyone else to know about. Without private browsing, surprises may be ruined! When you are logging in to a public computer at work or a friend’s computer, you may not want other people to see what you are doing. Private browsing does not save usernames or passwords so it will protect your information. I babysit at a friend’s house three days a week and use their computer to do my schoolwork. I always use private browsing when logging in to my. snhu. edu.

It is impossible to use two different Google accounts in the same browser. If I am logged in to my email and my husband’s email in two different windows, as soon as I start clicking around, it automatically refreshes to show the last account I logged in to. Private browsing helps with this. Just open one normal browser window and a second browser window with private browsing enabled. In conclusion, private browsing is very helpful for a variety of reasons. It helps when using numerous accounts at the same time, using public computers, and viewing websites that you do not want others to see.