The Benefits of using Technology in the Math Classroom Essay

The Benefits of using Technology in the Math Classroom

Education met many changes because of many advances in technology. These changes gave numerous advantages in the classroom environment. Technology is relentlessly making education more accessible, enjoyable and available for those who seek it.

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Technology usage in teaching math is one of its huge benefits on the field of education. Mathematics is a comprehensive subject and students often find it hard to learn the arithmetic because of the way it is taught by teachers. Through continuous innovation and discovery, soft wares were designed to make Math easier to learn. These are soft wares which are known as CAI or Computer-Assisted Instructions. The main goal of CAI is to provide significant interventions in learning Math through computer usage (“Computer-Assisted”).  It gives students the access to instructions via online websites and textbooks from online publishers and computer stores (“Computer-Assisted”, 2008). It gives students the chance to study even if they are outside the school and they can review subjects discussed by professors which they find difficult to grasp at first hand. Technology is one way of making learning more interactive and fun.

There are certain features possessed by technology assisted lectures that helps students get easier problem solving results. Activities that require problem solving can be done at a faster phase by using electronic devices such as computers, calculators and cell phones. It lessens the time and effort for computing because there are operation software made in solving math problems quickly and accurately (Forgasz, 2008).

Technology also keeps track of student’s performance when it comes to understanding lessons. It caters all kinds of student and gives desired result because there are lessons that are designed for a particular level. Computer Assisted lessons allows students to adjust their mastery and gives them enough time to learn the current lesson before moving up to the next educational level (“Computer-Assisted”). Using computer technology in Mathematics subject allows students to be interactive and competitive at the same time.


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