The Best Care Anywhere Essay

The Best Care AnywhereIn the article “The Best Care Anywhere” Phillip Longman focuses on the successful efforts of the US Veterans Health Administration to improve the overall health care system at veterans’ hospitals. Earlier veterans’ hospitals were dirty and scandal-ridden, whereas today they are an example for others to follow. Longman stresses today veterans’ hospitals are an example of the highest quality care and they are the first step on the long road to solving health-care crisis in the country.  He shows that the USA is able, if wants, to improve quality of health-care system at lower costs.

The problem is that Americans live shorter lives and the rates of disabilities are higher than in European countries. In the end of the 20th century the veterans’ hospitals can’t be characterized by credible reputation – shortages of everything, filthy conditions and treatment bordering on barbarism. That was the future of health care in America. However, lessons offered by the veterans’ hospitals may point the way to an all-American solution to health care system crisis.The article is related to medical informatics field as Phillip Longman stresses the importance of computer technologies, resources and devices in optimizing veterans’ hospitals. VHA has achieved a scale in information management and has successfully created the volumes of patients needed for keeping specialists aware of specific operations and procedures. Overall, the article is very informative and contributes medical field showing that every crisis may be solved.

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I agree with Longman that health care system in veterans’ hospitals represents the future of health in the country. I think the author challenges conventional thinking describing that medical practice has a weak basis in science.   I think the author gives the nation hope for addressing problems of modern society that affect all of us. The only moment I can’t agree with is poring more money in health care won’t solve the crisis.

Instead, I think that proper investment and decrease in health care prices will improve the overall quality of health.ReferencesLongman, Phillip. (2005). The Best Care Anywhere. Washington Monthly, January-February. Available on-line from