The Best Leader I Have Known Essay

The person I have always admired to be a good leader is my previous manager – Luck Smith. It was my pleasure to work with him for almost three years, and I have learned significant amount of business and life knowledge from him. Mr. Smith’s life accomplishments are more than we can imagine. He was originally born in a small village in India, and came to Canada as an international student in the University of ** during 1970s. He had nothing in life when he started his life in this new country, so he had to work two part-time jobs on top of the full-time study.

Now his contributive working lifestyle has paid off and his energetic life attitudes have made him a successful real estate professional in BC. By today, he has owned more than twenty commercial shopping plazas in all over the world. Through closely working with him, I have found it was his ambition and enthusiasm made him always work hard towards a high life goal. In addition, he is always ready to share his knowledge and experiences with everyone in his life. I have concluded his leadership characteristics are: diligent, courageous and helpful. Related to Leadership Diligence

The reason I choose Mr. Smith as the best leader is he is a person that always diligent and motivated to work hard towards his life goal. Courage His courage had also made him an excellent leader. Not only he had a leadership vision, but he also has the courage to try different investment. The company owned a very old building in downtown Vancouver. After the tenants complaining about the plumbing, parking and other problems for more than a year, Mr. Janda decided to demolish the current building and rebuilt it. That was during the recession, so his family and partners were against his idea.

He did a well-prepared research in two months after his first decision, and he still kept his opinion to rebuild the old building. Although the new building is still under construction, I think the great location and brand new construction would attract many businesses. Share Mr. Smith is helpful. He shared his opinions with others and was ready to help anyone he can help anytime. If I remembered correctly, Mr. Smith donated about a lot of money to the Children Hospital in 2010. He said he did not have an enjoyable life as a child, but he wanted to assist other children to enjoy their childhood. What a great person he is!