The Best Toy Puzzle Essay

The Best Toy Puzzle

Erno Rubik, the brilliant inventor of the puzzle Rubik’s Cube, invented the amazing puzzle during the spring of 1974. However, Rubik’s initial attraction to inventing the Cube was not in producing the best selling toy puzzle in history but, as an architect, to design a ground-breaking twisting structure. But after witnessing a pleasing color display, the 29 year old architect became unfaltering in putting the colors of the Cube back in order. That was the Cube as the best toy puzzle started, and the rest is history.

            Erno Rubik put together blocks that independently moved without falling apart. The Rubik’s Cube is composed of 26 individual small cubes that make up the big Cube. Each layer of the Cube can overlap and every layer has nine small cubes that can as well twist independently. For Rubik’s Cube, there is only one approved answer and 43 quintillion incorrect ones (Bellis). By aimlessly twisting the Cube, without a doubt, no person would be able to solve it in his or her lifetime.

            When Erno Rubik showed the Cube to his students and allowed a few of his friends play with it, their fascination was immediate. It was difficult for him to get the Cube back once somebody laid hands on it. The uncontrollable attention caught the inventor entirely by surprise and it was only after few months that any thoughts to the prospect of producing it on a business scale were given.

Without a doubt, the Cube is the most popular puzzle in history. Having sold millions of Cube and received numerous toy awards around the world, Erno Rubik became the communist block’s first self-made millionaire. Cube fans continually organized clubs and competitions to participate in and learn better solutions. At present, the Cube has landed on the hands of almost one eighth of the world’s human population (Bellis).

            The challenge of trying to master the Cube, to be able to bring back all the original colors to its six sides have a captivating effect on an astonishing range of people right across age, social standing, wealth and occupation. Since its conception, the Cube has achieved such a worldwide charisma and deeply penetrated the foundation of our civilization. To date, the Cube is still considered as the greatest 3 dimensional brainteaser the humanity has ever known.

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