The Best Way to Educate our Children Essay

In today’s rapidly changing world, education has become extremely important aspect of life. It has become important for the children to acquire the new knowledge and information that will help them keep up with the fast pace of the scientific and technological progress. In such a scenario education for the children becomes one of the basic components of the society. It becomes paramount to adapt to the new and changing aspects of life. Traditional approaches to education are ineffective as far as the modern world is concerned. A different approach which aimed at incorporating the methods which help the students to apply the new and emerging technologies need to be used. This has been pointed out to be the best way to educate our children. Methods that will ensure the children turn out to be conversant with the changes that are taking place in the world.

It is extremely necessary to understand that the traditional orientation to academic development is to a large extent out of date. The modern world dictate that people be prepared to meet new challenges and offer solutions to the unique problems that require complex answers. Parents have to ensure that their children are prepared towards such goals. This will only be achieved if they are accorded the best education. The academic knowledge received in the schools ought to be geared towards offering solutions to the complex situations that are constantly arising in the contemporary world. The best education to these future movers of the society should address the challenges being faced today coupled with ability to respond to issues in future. (Russell, G 2002)The education provided should be able to provide skills and knowledge to the children while at the same time giving them the necessary tools to utilize their abilities.

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This should mainly be aimed at helping them acquire new knowledge and information instead of giving them the basic skills which will become obsolete within a short time. It is important that such a system should be able to help them get solutions even in their adulthood. This means that it is absolutely necessary to develop creativity in children which will make them to constructively engage in important ventures in life. This calls for effort towards independent thinking and decision making through acquiring skills which are relevant at the moment. At the same time the kind of knowledge acquired should make them more competitive in the employment market.

(Russell, G 2002)When an education equips the children with relevant knowledge progress is guaranteed. They will be in a position to make independent decisions while at the same time coming out with creative ideas which will encourage competitiveness in different fields. This can only be achieved if the best education is offered to the children, the one which is aimed at molding them into responsible people who can think independently. There might not be an outright answer as to how best our children should be taught but we all agree that the methods adopted should be one which encourages competition, independent thinking and creativity. These aspects are very necessary in bringing up a child who will be of great help in the society.

Children should not be subjects of teaching rather they should be made the objects of teaching where they become active participants in the system which aims at benefiting them. It has been argued that this system grants absolute freedom to the children but this should not be the case, teacher’s guidance should be in place all the time However, the students all the same should plat the ultimate role of knowledge acquisition so as to ensure that they are real beneficially of the system.ReferenceRussell, G (2002) The Modern Education, New York, Random House