The Big Five Factors consist of the following Essay

The Big Five Factors consist of the following:

Practical, Preference for routine

Fun Loving
Secure, Self- Satisfied

            I can say that I have a little of these factors but what defines me the most are the characteristics under Extraversion. My family and friends are in unison in saying that my social skills are really very evident with the way I talk or handle any situation. My zest for life and adventure perfectly portrays my fun –loving character. I am not really afraid to let my affections be made known to others and as such, people really see me as a real person with a very good outlook in life. It can also be said based on my personal opinion and the opinion of my family and friends that I possess other traits that fall under the other factors of conscientiousness, being agreeable, neuroticism and openness.

Although I am known to be an extrovert I can say that I am very versatile in that I have the ability to mix my personality well with other factors. For instance, it helps that I am a very organized and disciplined individual because these traits allow me to accomplish my everyday tasks efficiently. As an extrovert, it is very easy to see why I do not think twice about extending my services to others and I easily trust other people because I really show who I am without any sugar coating.

In other words, what people see is the real me. I have the ability to stay calm even if the things around me are in chaos and this has a lot to do with my being an extrovert because I always try to see the positive side of things. As a result, I tend to be very fulfilled, secured and satisfied because I know that I can handle anything that would come my way. In exercising my options, I try to take the practical route as often as possible. As a person, the people around me have said that I am very independent in that I do not rely on other people to get things done. If I can do it myself, I will really do it without having to bother others. The only thing that I see that contradicts my extrovert personality is that I have a preference for routine but this alone does not detract from being an extrovert. As a person with great longing for adventure as an extrovert it may be hard to correlate routine with it but it works well for me. This is where my being an extrovert stands in relation to the other factors. I allow my dominant trait as an extrovert to be fully maximized while allowing the other factors to blend with it.

            I am a self-confessed extrovert and I am proud to be one. As an extrovert, I have no problems dealing with people and as a result it has given me an advantage in life. Extroverts are known to be the life of the party possessed with a kind of energy that can influence others. This type of personality allows a person to be ahead of any game because as opposed to an introvert, an extrovert has an attitude to always be full of life and hungry for adventure. As such he or she has the ability to lead because he or she is willing to take the risk and to go out of his or her comfort zone. (Gerics, J. June 23, 2007. Extrovert v. Introvert) As an extrovert, I am a very sociable person. I am good in entertaining people and I never allow a dull moment to transpire in my presence. I always look for fun things to do whether in my personal and professional life.

I am the type who wants to add a twist to everything that I do to prevent anything from becoming boring. It is also inherent in me to show my affection to my friends, family or colleagues. I am not afraid to show people my emotions. My family and friends would agree with me that I would fall under the extraversion type of personality. My perception is very much inclined with what my family and friends think of me. I am very consistent with my attitude thus my opinion and that of my family and friends are one and the same.

            I have recently taken two personality tests which confirmed that I am indeed an extrovert with a Guardian profile. Both the Keirsey Sorter Test and the Jung Typology Test came up with the result. The aforementioned tests revealed the following scores 78% extroverted, 25% sensing, 50% thinking, and 50% judging. These scores came up with an accurate description of the best qualities that I possess. The results of extroversion, ability to sense, think and judge is a perfect combination for me because these are really the strengths that I possess. As an extrovert, I am able to balance the art of thinking before acting and of judging my surroundings to allow me to act accordingly. The result of a guardian profile is perfect for me because it is the embodiment of my strengths and weaknesses. My being an extrovert strengthens my desire to lead people. It also illuminates my affectionate side because as a guardian, one must be able to show compassion to others. This ability to show my affection would be greatly appreciated by the people that I would work with because this would allow them to intermingle with me at a personal level and not merely on the basis of a professional relationship. I am not afraid to really let my emotions be felt or known by others because this gives me the feeling of freedom to interact with people around me. Some of the questions asked in the Jung Typology Test relates to the determination as to whether or not a person loves to be around people or to just sit and watch television, as to how one would react given a state of facts and others. (Human Metrics. Jung Typology Test). This test was a good way for me to be able to know the qualities that I possess that would help me to carefully plot the career path that I would take.

Extroverts are known to have outgoing and pleasant personalities which often lead to the birth of beautiful lasting relationships with people inside or outside the work environment. (Eder, P. 2006. Time Management Tips – 3 Top Extrovert Strategies to Energize Your Time and Create Enthusiasm) An extrovert is known to always have the initiative to volunteer in any situation and this is a very good attitude for us because it allows us to be recognized. It would also give way for people like me to impart our services to anyone who is need of it. An extrovert is not a mere observer and this is a very good trait because this proactive attitude would allow an individual to become involved in the activities of the organization. An extrovert is known to have that zest and longing for life and it allows one to always look at the positive side of things. An extrovert is also capable to overturn any devastating situation because of the attitude that he or she possesses. Life is what you make of it and as an extrovert, I will make my life worth living.

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