The Big Three: Did They Get What They Wanted? Essay

The final outcome of the Paris Peace conference was the Treaty of Versailles. This meant that Germany had to admit that they were responsible for the war and that they were also responsible for all the deaths that took place over the 4 years. They also had to repay for all the damage caused in the war. In 1921 the figure had been decided at 6600 million, which was later changed in 1929. Also the Treaty stated that German Empire was taken away and No German soldier is allowed to set foot in the Rhineland.The Armed forces were reduced to 10,000 men, conscription was banned, no armed vehicles, submarines and aircrafts, the Navy could only build 6 battle ships and the Rhineland was to be demilitarised. Also the league of nations were to take control of German allies and colonies. When the Treaty of Versailles was signed by Germany ‘The Big Three’ were not fully satisfied with the outcome and not all were happy with peace.

Georges Clemenceau was definitely not happy with the outcome and with the treaty.If it was his way he would probably make sure Germany had to repay everything with a lot more money so they could never completely repay them for the damage. He would also make sure that Germany had no armed forces. He thinks this way because out of all the countries that participated in the war France was affected the most because most of the war took place there. David Lloyd-George would probably be happy to a certain extent because he, in his election promises, said that he would make Germany pay for their mistakes, and that is what they are doing, so in this way he is fulfilling his duty as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

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Doing this he may not be completely happy because he too wanted peace but probably for him in a fairer way. Woodrow Wilson, the President of America was also happy to an extent with the Treaty because he did not receive the full and fair peace that he wanted. He wanted there to be a greater peace between Germany and the other countries which he has not fully received. Some factors in the treaty he may have been content with such as the limitations on the armed forces because if the forces are limited there is a less likely chance of another attack from Germany.