The Biggest Cartel on Earth Essay

The Biggest Cartel on Earth In this essay you will be informed about the way in which the world operates, and why more than ever before we are under the threat of a one world government. One in which people may become surfs in their own lands void of all human rights. Very simply put; “The ones with the gold make the rules. ” America is a place where the majority of the citizens believe it’s the president who has control over the economy, and that he works for the interests of Americans.What the president really is, is a salesman for a different agenda, the agenda of his banker friends who funded his campaign and the world leaders who he represents in his policy decisions.

His job is to “institute change” by selling lies and injustice to the American people, thus slowly tightening the noose on freedom. Obama operates on a psychological level. He is able to deceive Americans by using key words like “change” which he repeats over and over (Corsi, 113). It is common knowledge to psychologists that when words are repeated over and over a naive mind believes those words.Obama also succeeds in deceiving people by using methods such as left right paradigm where he gets elected based on the notion that he will fix the mess Bush has created. That way Americans are more critical of political parties than the issues at hand (the war, the economy). Globalists are people who believe and strive to achieve a one world government. The aphrodisiac to a Globalist is not money, it is power.

The most prominent globalists are the Rockefeller and Rothschild families. They are the puppet masters, and the puppet is Obama.The president takes all the heat for the decisions he makes, while the global elite go unnoticed. If we as Americans continue to buy the lies and propaganda our government sells to us and carry on our lives without asking questions, and thinking for ourselves, there is no limit in the atrocities that the global elite are capable of. You may think that this essay is a sham, a paranoid conspiracy theory. Unfortunately the majority of the atrocities I am using as examples for the future of America have already been committed to less fortunate people in recent history.

The goal of this essay is not to change your opinion to complement mine; the goal of this essay is to inform you about a well guarded agenda and to allow you to make a decision for yourself. Before I discuss the issues concerning America and the threat of a one world government, I first want to talk about the difference between a conspiracy theory and a possibility. If one makes an outlandish claim with little or no solid evidence it is simply a theory, a prediction of what may happen according to that person. As soon as one acquires one bit of important evidence the theory becomes a possibility.Once one acquires many pieces of evidence that possibility becomes a strong probability, one that deserves a great deal of attention. The term “conspiracy theorist” in 2010 is a term that can automatically discredit a savvy “truth seeker” and group them in with the “y2k world is going to end” fear mongering people that Americans have seen over the years. In 1913 a group of private bankers met in private with several members of congress (a violation of the Logan Act) and bribed them into signing the Federal Reserve act of 1913.An act that that was sold to Americans as a way to stimulate the economy and make credit available was really aimed at destroying the value of currency.

Sixteen years after the act was signed, in 1929 the country’s arteries clogged with the dept of thousands of people spurred on by available credit and money worth less than toilet paper (Cassel, 99). When congress passed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, we gave a private bank the ability to print American currency. With that ability comes the power to create inflation, deflation, and interest rates. They rule and nobody else can audit them or challenge their judgment (Hetzel, 23).Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan said it best when asked about the proper relationship between the president and the Federal Reserve. “Well, first of all, the Federal Reserve is an independent agency, and that means basically that there is no other agency of government which can overrule actions that we take. So long as that is in place, and there is no evidence that the Administration or the Congress or anybody else is requesting that we do things other than what we think is the appropriate thing, then what the relationships are don’t frankly matter” (Greenspan, Interview).

The mainstream media is a very successful tool in deceiving the American people. What many people see and hear from a credible source is what they believe. The mainstream media is owned by the government and you are not going to find many two sided arguments on most issues. You are reported what the government wants you to believe. One tool to discredit truth seeking media personnel is the brand them with titles such as “conspiracy theorist” and “conservative. ” Both of these terms are misrepresented in many ways.

They are both successful ways to undermine someone’s credibility before you judge it for yourself.To many; the term “conspiracy theory” is synonymous with crazy people ranting and making outlandish claims with no evidence and no end result. The media knows this and that is why they brand talk show hosts who try to decipher White House scams with the name “conspiracy theorists. ” Similarly when the mainstream media calls someone a “conservative,” they have effectively cut supporting audience in half.

It also encourages bickering between partys. This finger pointing and bickering takes the blame off the perpetrators. In 2010 America there are no conservatives and libertarians; there are scam artists and victims.An example of the term “conservative” being misrepresented is with George Bush Jr. By the end of his second term he had instituted more social programs, taken away more freedoms, and spent more money than all the presidents before him combined. There was a time when conservatives believed in small government, but those times are gone.

Much like “conservative” is used to discredit truth seekers so is “conspiracy theorists. ” You are more likely to see a story about a deceased detergent salesman then a story about the North American Union in the mainstream media.We as Americans are told from a very young age by our society and the media, what to buy, what a beautiful man looks like, what a woman beautiful woman looks like, and how to act. Each day the average American is bombarded with 600 advertisements (Corsi, 280).

That equates to an average of 14,235,000 advertisements once that person reaches age 65. We are taught that the system is always right and just. America is getting to the point where people are being routinely physically assaulted for their political beliefs in rallies and other political events. The media and Obama’s smoothing talking has formed a culture where gang mentality rules.Obama is so popular that if you criticize him, the mainstream media will regard you as a racist. The media uses this to their advantage by calling even the most mundane criticisms race driven. The type of people that support Obama regardless of his colossal failure as a president are best regarded as “obama zombies. ” The type of people who are not able to think for themselves and are forced to follow a leader who psychologically tricks them into believing in “change.

” What many Americans fail to realize about Obama is that he doesn’t have a magic wand.He is not in control of the economy. If he wanted to, he could make rules and regulations in order to reduce political scams and facilitate our recovery. Ultimately it is up to the American people to fix the economy.

We can do this by taking responsibility for our actions, and living within our means. Nothing shows American ignorance better then the way we put people who have cheated us on a pedestal. Take Donald Trump for example. A man who has taken millions of dollars from the American taxpayer in bankruptcy filings from his array of failed business ventures is a star.Trump has his own show where he ironically instructs apprentices on how to be successful. Americans are choking themselves with their own rope. Corporate scams, free trade, false wars and greedy tactics have wreaked havoc on the American economy and we have nowhere to go but down if we as Americans don’t make changes to our behavior and stand up for what is just. Americans are not living in a sustainable economy, we are living in an all you can eat buffet where people are grabbing as much chicken as they can inconsiderate of the future of Americans behind them in line.

Hitler and Obama run their regimes in a very similar manner. Both leaders are much like school children. They start off by pushing the teacher’s buttons slightly. The teacher never steps up and tells the child to stop, so the child keeps pushing until he/she pushes too far. Once the child reaches the point of pushing too far he/she is in control of the class and the teacher will finally step in to punish him/her. Obama said there will be change and that is one promise that he will absolutely follow up on.Our way of life is over, and we are reaching the end of the freedom road.

The number of lobbyists, scam artists, and twisted people Obama has appointed is astounding (Corsi, 281). Take for example Obama’s science czar John Holdren who openly admits that he plans to have birth control put into tap water in order to reduce the population (Ehrlich, 430). The control that private banks have over America didn’t happen overnight. They have engineered the biggest scheme the world has ever seen, and few people are even aware of what is going on.At the bottom of the scheme, you have Barrack Hussein Obama, an agent of Wall Street who was brought into power by the very global elite that threaten our nation’s sovereignty. During his campaign he wasn’t afraid to admit that he is part of the Council on Foreign Relations, a melting pot of rich and powerful people that discuss policy in private with government officials.

This is despite the fact that politicians meeting in private with non government officials is a violation of the Logan Act. This type of behavior is exactly how the elite are getting away with their tyranny now.CEOs, diplomats, presidents, all meet together to determine the future of the world. Policy is set in private; lies and bait and switch maneuvers are engineered by psychological experts and created in order to sell policy to the congress and citizens of America.

What the elite does (with the help of the Federal Reserve), is first build an economy up, then sheer it down (the details on how they did this were discussed earlier, and how they will do it again is described below). When the economy is down, the Federal Reserve can buy up banks so when the market comes back up they can consolidate the banks and have much more power than before.They use many slick coverups for excuses as why the economy is having a hard time: the war, social programs, left right paradigm, presidents who make mistakes, etc. It’s all just a distraction so that their actions aren’t questioned. The most effective excuse for the weak economy is the use of the left and right paradigm.

When a conservative goes to war often times it stirs up a lot of discontent with American citizens. For years we have seen the same aging white faces as presidents. In such a diverse country like America many whites along with blacks did believe in change and wanted to see someone with African blood as president.Next a black man who speaks smooth and represents “change” bases his campaign on the conservative screw up and makes a vast array of promises to fix the battered economy, healthcare, and America as a whole.

Obama became an instant winner. Obama is the type of person that you want to believe in; unfortunately his actions speak for themselves. His skin tone may be different, but his agenda is the same.

After thirty days in office not only did he not get the troops out of Iraq like he said during the campaign, he decided to send thousands to Afghanistan. The complete opposite of what he pledged to do.For example George W.

Bush, a claimed conservative spent more money than any other democrat in history (before Obama). The left and right feuds are just a way to baffle the American people while the elite globalists carry out their plans. After all, all the candidates are working for the same group of elites. For every thirty dollars Obama spends, $29 goes to banks, and $1 goes to the people (Corsi, 283). This essay was composed to be as even handed as possible.

That is why it is necessary to discuss that government is crucial for the stability of the nation. There needs to be government ntervention in the economy or else there will be another type of mistreatment. While too much government intervention is a very bad situation, if there is no government intervention you have a problem with creating monopolies and a system of have and have nots.

I do believe that a government should be limited to control monopolies, and to make sure the economy is importing the same as they are exporting (by having appropriate tariffs on goods). If you allow an economy to be almost completely import based (like it is in 2010 because of NAFTA) you have a tremendous problem with job availability and poverty.This is because the money that is being produced by citizens is not being spent on goods to create jobs within the country. The problem with too much government interference with the economy is that politicians have a habit of orchestrating schemes with big corporations that offer the politicians money to make policy that benefits them. The economy is like anything in life, too much of a single element creates problems in one way or another.

There is a balance that must be obtained to secure the livelihood of citizens. A big tool for funding our own lack of freedom is the global warming Copenhagen Agreement.Al Gore the head government green man helped Bill Clinton pass NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) in 1993 (Folsom, 150).

It is interesting how he thought that free trade was going to help the environment. Turning America into an import based economy was terrible for the environment (Folsom, 130). Shipping everything we need across the seas loading it into trucks to deliver across America doesn’t help the “global warming” problem. NAFTA introduced sweatshops and slavery in nations hard to enforce from overseas.

It lead to the demise and obsoleteness of the American worker.The availability of quality low price goods without Tariffs from all over the world has devastated our economy. It is impossible for America to compete with child sweatshop and slavery countries such as Malaysia, India and El Salvador where the standard of living in incredibly low.

So the question is when did Gore start caring about the environment? The answer is when the government could make money off of it. Al Gore is working very hard to make Americans pay a tax for their carbon footprint. Scientists who disagree with manmade global warming are labeled “deniers” and are slandered by the media.Similar to the term Holocaust deniers the label is used as a way to discredit the scientist. “At its core, global warming denial is like Holocaust denial, an assault on common decency” (Fiderer). It is very easy for politicians who are masters of mind control to get Americans to comply with whatever they want. It’s easy to herd sheep.

After September 11th, US citizens were so terrified of another attack that they weren’t able to make clear decisions about new policies. Shortly after September 11th, the Patriot Act was instituted as an act that made it legal to search without a warrant.The Patriot Act has allowed secret arrests, detainments, and torture. All new U.

S. passports have RFID chips, and some state’s drivers licenses (Corsi , 123). All credit cards contain RFID chips. This means that at any moment in time, the government can locate you. Every facet of our lives besides our thoughts is monitored and can be prosecuted. We are tracked every time we swipe our RFID chip credit cards, we are tracked on camera, and everything you say on a non encrypted phone is being screened by a machine that picks out key words.The only difference between an American and a hamster is our ability to travel out of our cage. After the Bush regime our society has more in common Nazi Germany than America the beautiful.

The federal government is constantly creating excuses to take away our freedom. By 2020 the Federal Government aims to put a microchip in every American’s arm (Corsi, 124). People that report on these plans are labels “conspiracy theorists” and “lunatics”. They are just relaying back to the American people what their masters plans are, often times in verbatim.It truly scares me when you have one of the most powerful men in the world say; “We are on the verge of a global transformation, all we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order. ” (Rockefeller, 1974). If that isn’t motivation behind the attacks on September 11th 2001 I don’t know what is. What the government is doing now is offering lots of incentives to buy.

Cash for klunkers $8000 housing credits are government programs trying to get you to buy. For most people in this economy, this means buying on credit, and during the great depression we saw how buying on credit affected the economy (McGrath, 29).The interest rates were raised, and people were left with nothing and/or lost what they had to the banks. If it isn’t bad enough that America has been hijacked by bankers, they continue to pass bills though congresses that say: “give us some money and we will get things going” (Toma, 225). But what they really do is hoard the money within their organization. The same banks that stand for America (Bank of America, Citi Group, etc. ) have hundreds of offshore accounts so they can evade taxes.

When you look at this graph of the world it is humbling. That slight rise is the time that you and I have come to know.A time of wealth and material prosperity. A time created by petroleum energy that is soon to be gone. You may wonder about technologies such as trash to oil and windmills.

Everything, everything that we consume as humans is made with oil. The computer I type with consumed oil to make, the food I eat was shipped via truck, the cloths I wear are manufactured and shipped via oil the list goes on forever. Although windmills create electricity there is no way that at the rate we are going we can have enough to support all Americans. Unfortunately the un-industrialization of America is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when.That is why now more than ever, Americans need to learn the skills to survive independently.

Why do we as humans feel too high and mighty to be to the right of that black rise in the picture below. Its amazing how humans trump up their importance. As if we are too advanced and too sophisticated to resort to farming and understanding nature.

{draw:frame} Instead we rely on synthetic goods that pile up on landfills. The average American is so dependent on the system that he couldn’t take care of himself in an emergency let alone a family (Corsi, 229).Success in America is judged in the amount of stocks, cash and trivial items one has like marble countertops, sports cars and cherry furniture. My Grandfather told me about bringing water on a hike in Cambodia.

The same people that were poking fun at my grandpa and saying “look at the boy scout” were begging him for water later on that day because the well water the guides promised was brown with feces. His story illustrates perfectly that if you don’t think for yourself, bad things will happen to you. What is really important in life is to learn how to take care of you and your family and not to become a sheep.What do you plan to do if infrastructure shuts down? Most people don’t plan for the future; most people take life one day at a time.

The future of the world doesn’t look bright. Our dwindling water and oil resources are running out fast. President Bush has secretly purchased several thousand acres in Paraguay near the second largest aquifer in the world (Tom Phillips). The oil thief now has his greasy hands set on the world’s water supply. In twenty years Americans will be at mercy to Bush because he will control every facet of their lives. Humans need clean water to survive and Bush now holds the key to their lives.What will happen to Americans in the next 30 years? Genocide? Civil War? Resource War? The only thing I can promise is the future doesn’t look bright for the unprepared; the world as we know it is coming to an end. In 2010 many Americans are waking up to the schemes being organized around them and the government knows this.

That is why they are using a classic bait and switch on the American people. It is too late for the government to hide their secrets, so they must enlist a puppet to con the people into thinking that justice will be served. If leaders can befriend and gain support from the public it facilitates betraying them.If you look at the tea party movement, it has gained a lot of media coverage and support from household names such as Sarah Palin.

Sarah stands up and shouts exactly what the people want to hear. But we must not forget who she really works for (Corsi, 288). As Idi Amin Dada, a brutal dictator and mass murder of his own people once said, “People must love their Leader. ” There have been tens of atrocities committed to groups of people in countries where life is cheap, how can we as Americans feel so high strung that genocide could never happen to us? I have covered topics from the Great Depression to the Tea Party Movement.You can see how the government operates at the control of the Federal Reserve and banking cartels. If you put together what is happing now, it doesn’t take an analyst to see that we are headed for some really tough times.

RFID chips, wire tapping, few people know what the future of America holds. One thing that is always true, is that history has a way of repeating its self if people don’t stand up for what is right. My fellow Americans, it is up to you to stand up for what is right. We can fight this tyranny, or we can let them take our free country away from us. We are the future of America, and the future is in our hands.