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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is a literary classic. It is a great part of American literature and history. It is a great model of writing to all those who read it. Not only can this book be a considerable source of inspiration to all writers, this book is enjoyable unlike all of the monotonous books you might read daily. Who doesn’t want to read an exciting book with a fun story line? This is a very adventurous book. At some points keeps you on the edge of your seat from all of the suspense. While at other points Twain has you laughing as Tom gets into more mischief. This is a book that makes you want to read more. There is no better reason to read a book then for the enjoyment you receive.  Twain based his novel, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, mostly on his personal memories of growing up. Twain states, “most of the adventures recorded in this book really occurred”. In addition, the character of Tom Sawyer was based off a couple boys that he knew. This means that Twain’s novel is a realistic representation of life back in the 1840’s. While reading this book people can learn what it was like to live back in the 1840’s. Nearly all of the characters in Twain’s novel resemble people he knew from his childhood. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer spends most of it’s focus on creating an utopian picture of boyhood. Therefore, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer never really deals with the larger issues that some of Twain’s other books contain. For example, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer doesn’t directly deal with slavery. Furthermore the book seems to exhibit xenophobia against Native American Injun Joe, but Injun Joe’s murders justify the town’s hate and fear for him. Because the novel evades explicit criticism of racism, slavery, and xenophobia, the novel has been able to escape the debate about the xenophobia and language. Nobody should shy away from this book for these reasons alone. To this day, this book still remains as one of Twain’s more popular works. The story follows the moral development of a troublemaker. Twain’s novel teaches us a lot of important life lessons that we can use, and who wouldn’t want that. For example Tom discovers in the book that you should always tell the truth. Tom withheld the truth for so long and felt horrible. He teaches us that telling the truth helps to take away that horrible burden. We can take this lesson and all of the other ones found in the book and apply them into our own lives. Sometimes it seems like Tom and I are the same. Some of the stories in the novel are reminiscent. Tom is making the transition into adulthood just like many of us. He reminds us of all the fun and trouble we had as a child. Tom gets into a lot of mischief just like we did as kids. He lies a lot, often runs away, and steals. We start to see ourselves as Tom Sawyer. Even if you’re an adult the events of this book evoke the memories of childhood in your mind. Twain has captured the essence of childhood. Whether or not one has read the novel, many of the scenes are familiar and have become a part of our cultural heritage.