The Book Night Essay

The Holocaust was an awful thing. I don’t think it was right at all. It definitely should not had happen at all. It was an unlawful act by humans on other humans. Ellie and all the other survivors are very brave and courageous people for sharing the horrific stories with the rest of the world. I’m sure that with out all their stories we wouldn’t know how bad the Holocaust was. Ellie was just a young boy when he and his family were taken to Auschwitz. They started their journey on the train where people where people spent up to 10 days on it.

On top of the long train ride they didn’t know almost any of the people. Then to make it even worse there wasn’t a bathroom for when you had to go. Lastly there wasn’t any food given to them. So when they finally arrived at Auschwitz they were told that they were at a work camp, and that the harder they worked the better it would be for them. Ellie and his father were separated from his mother and sister shortly after arrival. One of the thing that he remembers is his sisters red jacket that she was wearing.

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Then there was a line that lead to Dr. Mengele, when they reached him you would either be sent to the left or the right. He sent Ellie and his father to the right. Thats the last time he ever saw his mom and sister. Ellie and his dad were sent to where being burned and buried. Ellie was extremely frightened, but his fears were soon gone when they saw the line lead somewhere else where they would be safe for the time being. Ellie went through a lot during his time at the camp like getting in fights with other jewish inmates over stuff like food.

Then there was how he was always thinking about his mother and sister. He had suspicions of them being dead which would drive a grown man crazy, yet he is just a kid going thru it i don’t know how he did it. I couldn’t even try to imagine what it would be like not knowing if your mother and sister were dead. I don’t think i would be able to live with myself knowing I was the only one left in my family. Ellie is a very strong man and a role model to many in my eyes. He has shared his devastating story with so many people around the world and by oing this he has helped people realize how bad the Holocaust really was. Then he goes back to Auschwitz which I think is such a brave thing to do. This also makes me realize that what I think is bad probably wouldn’t even make him bat an eyelash. Lastly I feel that all the men responsible for this gruesome act against humanity are monsters I don’t know how they went on living with their lives. Lastly I wish that i could meet Ellie someday because the first thing I would do is walk over shake his hand and thank him for being so brake and sharing his very heart breaking stories.