The Lutalyse. Many drugs have a cheaper version,

The use of the product Estrumate is very cost-effective. Estrumate (or estroPLAN) are cheaper or “knock-off” versions of the prostaglandin, Lutalyse. Many drugs have a cheaper version, such as Ibuprofen and Advil. They are the same drugs, one is just a cheaper version of the other. Since Estrumate is cheaper than Lutalyse, veterinarians and farmers choose this prostaglandin more often. As long as they both lead to the same outcome, people are more likely to choose the cheaper route. Estrumate is just as effective in all prostaglandin opportunities. Estrumate is one of four products that are associated with changing heat cycles in cattle.  “Estrumate, Bovilene and Lutalyse are three products that are prostaglandins while the fourth, Synchromate-B…is a progesterone/estrogen combination” (Landblom and Nelson, n.d.).  Estrumate may be known more commonly as Lutalyse. The products are very similar to each other as both products conclude the same results in cattle. However, Estrumate is commonly known by this name in the U.S. According to a chat board between farmers/breeders, it seems as though they have used both products. However, a majority use Estrumate more over Lutalyse because it is much cheaper. One user stated they “have never noticed a difference” while another stated they “prefer Estrumate because it’s cheaper” (Cattle Today, 2017). It is common to see one brand try to “one-up” the other to increase sales as they try to exaggerate what little differences they have. According to the article Zoetis, “cloprostenol is sold as Estrumate and the generic product called estroPLAN, which contains cloprostenol sodium, a salt form of the synthetic analogue…the original chemical structure of PGF2? was modified to result in cloprostenol” (Moreira and Hammon, 2012).   As far as finding a better approach to regress luteolysis in cattle using Estrumate, we did not find a solution in our research. According to a research paper by D. G. Landblom and J. L. Nelson, “Estrumate, Bovilene and Lutalyse are all prostaglandins given to heifers and cows with functional corpus luteums that can cause the animals reproductive cycle to start over again bringing them into heat 2-5 days later” (Landblom and Nelson, n.d.). There may not be a better approach but, there are other options other than Estrumate that still have the same target. If purchasing Estrumate is for terminating a pregnancy, a way to avoid using this prostaglandin in the future is to try and separate the female cattle/heifer from the bulls during breeding season while the females are in heat. A lot of times Estrumate is used because farmers/herders are not in the business to expand their cattle population or they weren’t prepared. If that is the case, it is important to take precautions and know when the female is in heat to prevent the bull from mounting.Throughout our research, we have not found any animal care or welfare concerns for the product Estrumate. There were, however, a few common side effects discovered once Estrumate is induced. According to MSD Animal Health, some side effects are “retained foetal membranes, calf mortality and pre-partum oestrus” (MSD Animal Health, 2012). Although these may be called side effects, they happen as a result of the cattle taking Estrumate. As stated before, the purpose of Estrumate is to “manipulate the estrous cycle, terminate pregnancies and to treat certain conditions associated with prolonged luteal function” (Valley Vet Supply, 2017). Therefore, it would be understandable if your cattle experienced calf mortality or pre-partum oestrus. According to Merck Animal Health, an environmental assessment determined the “recommended dosage of Estrumate is 500 µg cloprostenol/cow (single injection of 2 mL/cow)” (Bourry, 2014). MSD Animal Health also states that “the respiratory system may be damaged from repeated exposure at high dosages” (MSD Animal Health, 2012). It is important to only give the proper dosage amount for the given amount of time, as explained by the veterinarian. The only major concern with Estrumate is to make sure that whoever is administering the injection is doing so very cautiously. “Estrumate can be absorbed through the skin and therefore care should be taken when handling the product, especially by women of childbearing age as it can also cause abortion in pregnant women” (MSD Animal Health, 2012). Estrumate is intended solely for the animal’s purpose. If a veterinarian is not administering Estrumate, whoever is must wear gloves and not hesitate to inject the animal. It is important that if one is exposed to this agent, they should seek medical attention.