The Boy and His Journey Essay

Immigration is a very dangerous and risky journey. Everyday immigrants try so hard to make it to the United States. This journey involves parents trying to support kids back home, families trying to start over, or kids trying to get to their mom; but some do not make it through this hardship. Those individuals, who make it, try like never before to support themselves and the family they needed to leave behind. Enrique’s Journey by Sonia Nazario is a well written novel that uses many pathos, logos, and ethos examples.Each one of them is used effectively because of the way students are persuaded in believing there true. Elements from the quotes can reveal that Sonia is knowledgeable and intelligent about the subject therefore the reader will.

This book is very interesting in the sense that it includes amazing thoughts and uses a lot of detail about the occurring events. After reading this book people should see that immigration is not the easiest task to get through. With Sonia using ethos, pathos, and logos effectively, the reader gets more of a way to connect with the book and dwell on this topic.In Enrique’s Journey, Sonia Nazario presents ethos, pathos, and logos therefore; Sonia Nazario helps persuades readers to realize the facts, emotion, and logics of immigration. To begin with, ethos is effective in Enrique’s Journey because the author, Sonia Nazario, provides the readers with knowledge about facts on immigration and events. For example, Nazario explains how kids want to go find their moms and how life is affected by this separation. She states, “Children like Enrique dream of finding their mothers and living happily ever after.

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Then reality intrudes.The children show resentment because they were left behind. ” (Nazario 191). This example shows that the author has knowledge on this topic because she has seen kids try so hard to make it to the United States.

She has spoken with Enrique on how troubled he was because his mom left. When he saw his mom after all those years, it was the happiest moment of his life. Then later on, when they got to know each other, it hits Enrique that his mom left him; this causes him to start bad habits because the resentment grows. This shows that she interviewed him and found out how he felt about everything.Another example, the author sets out on this journey herself by taking the same path Enrique did.

The author states, “Then I began to retrace his steps, doing the journey exactly as he had done it a few weeks before” (xix). Ethos is present because it shows credibility by saying she is going to achieve this journey herself. She is going to observe the areas that Enrique passed through on his way to the United States. Retracing this journey, Sonia Nazario realizes the bad conditions and how hard Enrique had to try to get across.By doing this it gave her even more knowledge on exactly what happens by experiencing it in a similar way. Furthermore, Nazario talks about how woman in Honduras live a very hard life.

Sonia explains, “As I followed Enrique’s footsteps, I learned the depths of desperation woman face in countries such as Honduras, most earn $40-120 a month working in a factory, cleaning houses, or providing child care”(xxiii). Ethos is shown because the readers can tell Nazario has knowledge on the kind of hardships woman face during their life in Honduras. She knows they try their hardest to provide for their family.They sometimes do not get through living in these conditions so they head for the United States to send money back.

It is credible because it shows that she has knowledge by researching about this. Finally, ethos is a big part of the novel because almost every page you will learn interesting facts. Nazario puts the facts in good detail for the readers to obtain more out of it.

Ethos is effective because without it you would not have the background information on immigration or some of the major events that went on through Enrique’s life. Moreover, pathos is effective because parts of the book will bring out emotions of all kinds.Starting off, kids everyday are at the dump looking for anything they can find to eat.

Resulting in, “Enrique knows children as young as six or seven whose single mothers have stayed at home and who have had to root through the waste in order to eat” (26). This quote shows that pathos is effective because reading about it brings emotion to people. People are sad to hear that young kids are already digging in trash where food could be bad. Also, just the fact that kids have to obtain their food this way because families do not have enough money is horrible. This results in feeling bad for them.Secondly, the gang gets to Enrique. As a result, “He grabs Enrique with both hands. Someone seizes him from behind.

They slam him facedown” (53). This part in the book is hard to read therefore it is effective to pathos because people feel sad and bad for Enrique. They feel bad that Enrique has to go through this horrible moment. Everyday kids go through this just to make it to the United States.

Some of these kids are like Enrique with a near death experience but others die which is even more emotional. To know this is heartbreaking and it is very hard to not feel sad.Lastly, there was a surprise that Lourdes received on the show. She was surprised by, “Belky walks through the door and walks toward the stage arms outstretched; they meet and lock in an embrace” (265).

Pathos is effective in this moment in the book because it brings out the emotion of happiness in people. This is because everyone is finally reunited. Her mom and Belky finally got to see each other after all those years they had been separated.

They were rejoicing the thought that this moment came to be. This shows pathos because people can feel happy that they finally are together.Concluding, pathos is effective in this book because it could bring anyone too many different kinds of emotions. The main emotion portrayed in this book is sadness. If there was no representation of pathos in this book, there would be no emotion about the events.

Furthermore, logos is effective in this book because there are many times where you could make a logic statement about why the events came to be. First off, Enrique’s mom is preparing to leave. Finally, “It is January 29, 1989. His mother steps off the porch” (5). This quote shows logos because Enrique’s mom leaves for many reasons.This is showing logic because her mom needs to leave to make sure her family will be supported by getting a job in the United States and sending money back. If she does not do this then her family could starve or her kids could never get an education. Next, his love for Maria Isabel deepens.

This leads to, “Enrique desperately wants to get Maria Isabel pregnant” (35). This resembles logos because the logic behind this is that if Enrique got her pregnant then she would have to stay with him. If she stayed with him forever he would be really happy because this is something he wants.He could have a family and it could make him less sad that his mom cannot be there by his side. This is logical because it is implied in the book that he wants to keep her forever. Lastly, Maria Isabel wants Enrique to come back home from his journey to the United States. She says, “Get Mexican immigration authorities to catch Enrique and deport him back to Honduras” (56).

Logos is shown in this quote by how Maria wants Enrique to be caught so he cannot get to his mom, and has to come home instead. She wants him to come home because she loves him and since he is her boyfriend she wants to be with him forever.Also, another logical aspect is that she does not want him to get hurt or die because she is having a daughter with him and needs him to be there for her. In conclusion, logos shows logic because people can for see with their own thoughts what can happen because of the events.

It is effective because the readers can make conclusions from factual information. Sonia Nazario uses it effectively by the way she writes some of the parts by persuading the readers to believe what she is writing. This book, Enrique’s Journey is such a great book.

It states many facts that people may have not known about immigration. The author knows how to get someones attention on a good topic with how this book is written. Teenagers that read this book might feel differently on illegal immigrants after what they have learned. Hopefully, this book has affected kids like us to think of the bigger picture and what it involves. Ethos pathos and logos are very important and effective in this book because they can persuade others in a whole different direction about this topic. People that might have taught illegal immigration was a horrible thing.

After reading this book though they could think the total opposite because of the way ethos pathos and logos are played out. All three of these are all used effectively by how Sonia persuades the readers to believe this. She explains the train rides the immigrants have to take and the effort needed to use to get to the US can show all three ethos, pathos, and logos because of the relationship you can find. This journey that Enrique and many others went through will impact one’s life greatly. It is life changing and the experiences are really something worth listening to because they can change the way you view this subject.