The British American Tobacco Essay


Last twelvemonth was an extraordinary twelvemonth, with the distributing fiscal crisis, the development of economic systems slow down and the market ‘s assurance were shaken severely. British American Tobacco PLC have non escaped from the recession, but managed to stand in a strong place in the market. This study demonstrates its comparatively strong fiscal place compared to its chief rival: Imperial Tobacco.

The brief debut of British American Tobacco PLC

Formed in 1902, British American Tobacco ( BAT ) has experienced over a century ‘s development. Now, it has become the universe ‘s 2nd largest quoted baccy group in planetary stock market. Furthermore, BAT is a existent international company who is runing 49 coffin nails mills in 41 states of Asia, Africa, Europe and America.

Harmonizing to Jan du Plessis, president of the organisation, despite the bad impact of fiscal crisis, the company has achieved great success in 2008, including satisfied fiscal consequences and 2 of import acquisitions.

Competitive Environment:

Among the universe, the coffin nails gross revenues have decreased in developed markets. However, the volume of gross revenues is still increasing in some developing markets in Eastern Europe and East Asia. In fact, the chief UK rival of BAT is Imperial Tobacco Group PLC. Additionally, recent old ages, both BAT and Imperial Tobacco have to cover with jobs including illicit trade, increasing ordinance and disputing economic state of affairs.

The brief debut of Imperial Tobacco Group PLC

Imperial Tobacco was established in 1901. Compared with BAT, Imperial Tobacco chiefly focuses on Europe Market, and provides a broad scope of merchandises including coffin nails, baccy, cigars, turn overing documents and tubings. Besides, it has tried to derive more net income from emerging markets in Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

In 2008, it must be mentioned that the acquisition of Altadis has been the high spot of this twelvemonth for the organisation, which has contributed a batch to the important addition of coffin nail gross revenues.

Evaluation of Financial Statements

Profitability ratio

As can be seen from the undermentioned tabular arraies, BAT ‘s Net net income border and Gross net income border has increased steadily from 2006 to 2008. This tendency may ensue from its attempts on cutting the costs of gross revenues and all sorts of disbursals. Additionally, harmonizing to the Chief executive, it may besides impute to the strong public presentation of BAT ‘S Global Drive Brands ( GDBs ) and the strong trade name portfolio of the company.

Oppositely, after a little rise between 2005 and 2007, Imperial Tobacco has see a crisp lessening on net net income border and gross net income border in 2008. It may due to the restructuring costs caused by the integrating of Imperial Tobacco and Altadis, since there were no restructuring costs in the twelvemonth ended 30 September 2007. For the similar ground, Imperial Tobacco ‘ ROCE dropped significantly in 2008.

Stability Ratios

BAT ‘s Gearing increased by about 10 per centum from 2008 to 2007, which means the company took higher degree of debts. However, although Gearing of Imperial Tobacco has decreased during 2005 and 2008, the figure was still higher than that of BAT ‘s. In this instance, it will be more hazardous for possible users to take Imperial Tobacco as their investing mark. It is besides deserving adverting that despite the higher hazard caused by higher Gearing, BAT has managed to prolong its profitableness in 2008.

BAT ‘s involvement screen ratio fluctuated near 10 during these 4 old ages. The little diminution in 2008 may due to the increased finance costs which were consequence from the 2 acquisitions made during the twelvemonth. In contrast, Imperial Tobacco ‘s involvement screen ratio went down dramatically from 2006 to 2009.

Investing ratios

In the undermentioned chart, it is clear that after a bead in 2007, BAT ‘s dividend output ratio recovered to about 5 % in 2008. That is partially because the growing of dividend per portion. Actually, the company had decided to raise the ratio of dividends paid as a per centum of long-run sustainable net incomes from at least 50 per centum to 65 per cent by 2008, which may speed up the rise of dividend per portion. Furthermore, the market value per portion of BAT declined somewhat from 19.65 to 18, which may hold led to the addition of dividend output ratio.

The EPS of BAT went up steadily between 2005 and 2008. For case, the figure was 128.78p in 2008, which means a 19 per cent addition over 2007. Harmonizing to the company ‘s fiscal reappraisal, it may due to the strong operating public presentation and benefits from foreign exchange motions. In contrast, the EPS of Imperial Tobacco dropped significantly in 2008, as a consequence of restructuring costs and one-off acquisition accounting accommodations.

The P/E ratio of BAT went up from 2006 to 2007, but dropped in 2008 from 18.71 to 14.63. This tendency is due to the diminishing market value per portion and increasing EPS. It reflects that the market ‘s assurance for BAT ‘s hereafter is falling. In the contrary, Imperial Tobacco ‘s P/E ratio went up aggressively in 2008, as a consequence of the dramatic diminution of EPS.

The current ratio of BAT has dropped to 0.98 compared to 2007 and 2006. The figure remained steadily in the period from 2006 to 2007, since the current assets and current liabilities had small alteration. However, these 2 variables rose dramatically in 2008 due to the increasing volume of stock lists and adoptions, to boot, the figure of current liabilities increased faster than current assets. Therefore, BAT ‘s current ratio dropped. It means that less available assets could be matched up to settle the debt which will be due shortly. Imperial Tobacco ‘s current ratio has besides declined in 2008. The latest figure is 0.68, even lower than that of BAT ‘s, which is less ideal for prospective users.

Acid trial ratio of BAT seems dropped slower than the current ratio, since the stock lists increased faster. In fact, BAT ‘s natural stuffs and consumables had risen by 392 million, while finished goods and work in advancement had risen by 768 million. In add-on, Imperial Tobacco had merely got an acerb trial ratio of 0.39 in 2008, the low figure may reflect that it could non derive adequate assets aside from stock list to settle the debts which will be duo shortly.

The Cash generated from operations to maturating duties of BAT had fallen by 0.17 to a figure of 0.40. In fact, the company managed to derive more hard currency from its operation, the figure was increased from 2,600 ( 2007 ) to 3,539 ( 2008 ) . However, the figure of current liabilities grew more well due to the increasing adoptions which may do by 2 acquisitions and deteriorating consumer assurance in the market.

Although Imperial Tobacco remained stable ( 0.48 ) in this ratio between 2006 and 2007, it can non avoid the crisp lessening in 2008, since the acquisition of Altadis had brought to much liabilities. It is non rational for possible users to take a company whose hard currency generated from operations to maturating duties ratio is 0.22.

Efficiency ratios

The Average Inventory Turnover Period of BAT remained stable ( around 155 ) in 2006 and 2007. Both stock lists and cost of gross revenues changed small during this period. But, the stock lists rose because of acquisitions and bad impact of economic recession. Furthermore, the costs were cutting through primary supply concatenation efficiencies and farther standardisation. In this instance, the ratio grew to 205.13 in 2008. In the contrary, Imperial held a much smaller figure than BAT, which may ensue from the increasing stock due to the acquisition of Altadis.

BAT ‘s gross to capital employed was comparatively stable during these 3 old ages, while Imperial Tobacco ‘s ratio dropped significantly in this period from 2.82 to 1.07. BAT ‘s gross increased steadily for 3 old ages, but the figure of long-run liabilities grew a spot faster than gross. Compared to Imperial Tobacco, BAT seemed to be more swimmingly.

Horizontal analysis

It seems that in 2005 BAT had experienced a recession ; all of the figures had fallen down. After that, the gross net income recovered rapidly in 2006, while other 3 figures increased bit by bit from 2005 to 2008. In the contrary, all the figures of Imperial Tobacco addition easy from 2005 to 2007. In 2008, the operating net income went down rapidly, while other 3 figures rose dramatically.

Vertical analysis

It is clear from the chart that compared to BAT, the profitableness of Imperial Tobacco is debatable. Furthermore, Imperial Tobacco ‘s figures of cost of gross revenues are comparatively excessively high. In contrast, BAT ‘s gross net income and operating net income have increased steadily as a whole except the bottom point in 2005. And, it seems that BAT had managed to command the cost of gross revenues good.


From the analysis above, we can reason that British American Tobacco performs better in many ratios than Imperial Tobacco. It is clear that the operation of BAT is steadier than its rival. Furthermore, BAT is more profitable and efficient, seems to be able to keep its strong place in the market by saving no attempt to implement its scheme. In this instance, BAT would be a strong and comparatively rational investing mark.