The Business Issues And Sudden Closure Of Enron Accounting Essay

December 2, 2001, the universe largest sweeping trading of natural gas and energy concern assets reached 49.8 billion U.S dollars of Enron Corporation has all of a sudden filed for bankruptcy protection to United States Bankruptcy Court in New York. The instance has became biggest bankruptcy in the history of U.S. Enron was really familiar to the U.S state. In twelvemonth 2000, its entire income was 100.8 billion, listed in No.7 of “ U.S 500 ” , No.16 of “ World 500 ” of Forbes magazine, and was titled as “ America ‘s Most Advanced Company ” for four old ages by Fortune magazine. This is surprising for such energy giant to fall in overnight. It caused great daze in U.S authorities. The causes and the impacts are more we have to believe from it.



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Enron purchased the stock of its spouse and was sold to Chewco which owns by Enron itself which execute by Enron forces. As a consequence, Enron began a complex series of secret dealing to hide the immense debt.


February 20

Fortune magazine has reported that Enron was “ a immense airtight ” company. Its corporate debt was accumulated, and Wall Street still being kept in dark. The shutting monetary value of Enron on that twenty-four hours was 75.09 U.S dollars per portion.

April 17

Enron ‘s president, Kenneth Lay visits frailty president of United States and others officer of energy policy often.

August 14

Chief executive officer of Enron, Jeffrey Skilling resigned. Enron still insist to research its fiscal state of affairs to the populace. While, the shutting monetary value of Enron stock on this twenty-four hours has fall to 39.55 U.S dollars per portion.

August 22

Enron frailty president, Sherron Watkins brings up the issues on looming accounting job of company.

October 12

Legal advocate of Arthur Anderson, one of the top 5 accounting house in U.S has instructed their employees to destruct Enron audit files.

October 16

Enron announced third-quarter loss of 618 million U.S. dollars. Moody ‘s to see take downing the recognition evaluation of Enron bonds.A Enron ‘s stock fell to 33.84 U.S. dollars per portion on that twenty-four hours.

October 22

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission began look intoing Enron.

October 24

Enron ousts CFO, Andrew Fastow.

October 26

Enron notified its company job to the president of Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan. The twenty-four hours, the stock fell to 15.40 U.S dollars per portion.

November 8

Enron admitted doing a false study since 1997 about 600 million U.S. dollars net income.

November 29

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission probe of Enron will be extended to the audit of the accounting houses – Arthur Andersen.

December 2

Enron filed for bankruptcy, the company stock down 26 cents per portion.


January 9

U.S. Justice Department began the “ Enron ” condemnable probe.

January 23

Chairman and CEO of Enron resigned. Rescue specializer, Stephen Cooper replaced him.

February 2

A 218 pages of sum-up on the probe of prostration of Enron by The Power Reports was published to the populace and the blaming has come harshly.

February 12

Kenneth Lay refuses to attest before Congress.

April 9

Anderson former ‘s Enron hearer admitted that they have destroyed the audit files of Enron which contribute to obstructor of justness.

June 15

Federal expansive jury of Houston ruled that due to prejudice to judicial probe of Enron by Arthur Anderson. Not over few hours, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced Anderson will come to stop in the terminal of August and halt its audit services to listed companies.

October 2

Boss of LJM and CFO of Enron arrested on charges of fraud and money laundering from the undertaking he ran. He will finally hold to confront at least 98 counts.

October 16

Anderson sentenced to probation and 500,000 U.S dollars fines. This audit company is no longer in the audit field.


March 19

Enron announced it will maintain its North America grapevines and international grapevines and other power assets to emerge from bankruptcy as two separate companies with different names.

May 1

LJM is named on Fastow ‘s married woman and two of his boy. L, Lea Fastow was arrested every bit good due to her engagement in several frauds.

July 11

Enron to pay creditors estimated 67 billion dollars that owed through filing for bankruptcy reorganisation program.

November 24

Court-appointed bankruptcy tester releasesA Batson Report which

stated that Lay and Skilling did non take their functions by protecting the benefits of company stockholders by oversee their subsidiaries which dallying with the accounting fast ones and leads to all these monolithic.


January 14

Andrew admits on his guilty. He agrees to function 10 old ages in prison ; impound $ 23.8 million, including places in Galveston and Vermont ; and give up claims on another $ 6 million held by 3rd parties. Well, his married woman, Lea pleads on one felony count of registering a false revenue enhancement study for neglecting to describe $ 47,800 in income. She agrees to function five months in prison and five months under house parturiency, but her justice suggests she might non accept the supplication deal and she subsequently withdraws her guilty supplication[ 1 ].

February 19

Skilling pleads non guilty of all 35 counts.


January 30

Trial Begins on confederacy and fraud on Jeff Skilling and Kenneth. Lay.

July 5

Enron laminitis Kenneth Lay founds that due to sudden bosom onslaught. But that is besides rumour says that he is alive.

September 26

Ineluctable, Andrew Fastow was sentenced to function in prison about 6 old ages due to his confederacy and fraud on accounting.

2.2 Peoples

2.2.1 Founder of Enron-Kenneth Lay


Enron ‘s Chairman and CEO.

He formed the company by unifying Houston Natural Gas and InterNorth in 1985.

The company adopted the name Enron in 1986.

A hands-off[ 2 ]director and a concern visionary, he saw chance in the rapid deregulating of energy markets in the United States and around the universe.

He attracted subsidiaries who wanted to prehend these chances, the two most influential were Rebecca Mark and Jeff Skilling.

The Founder and Gravedigger of Enron Empire

As a co-defendant, 64-year-old former president of Enron Kenneth Lay and 52-year-old former CEO Jeff Skilling to shrive the duties that they should in bear in the instance of fiscal fraud of Enron. However, the U.S media by and large think that Kenneth Lay which has near relationship to President Bush could non get away from it.

In the Houston territory tribunal, prosecution and defense mechanism were reasoning environing on two major subjects which are the offense and moral. Federal prosecuting officers found that Ken Lay behavior unethical confederacy in the Enron fiscal fraud, and seek to put all the incrimination to his subsidiaries. Defense mechanism attorneies of Ken claimed that Lay did non cognize the illegal Acts of the Apostless of his subsidiaries, hence, does non necessitate to take any duty.

In order to allow that Ken Lay is guiltless, defense mechanism attorneies has organized a big group of informants which close to 30 people and 4 of them are as character informants for Ken. Edward Young, a local curate, said that Lay ‘s character is “ rather to swear ” . Kenneth Lay ‘s defense mechanism attorneies have repeatedly stressed on, until Enron filed for bankruptcy protection at the old month, “ the company ‘s operating status is wellness ” , while main fiscal officer Andrew Fastow was apparentlyA rigged[ 3 ]all of this piece Ken was incognizant on it. Although Ken is besides one of the addition net income from it, but does non necessitate to take duties once more.

Analysts believed that psychotic belief of Kenneth Lay to Fastow as autumn cat is non a smartest manner ; in contrast, it will do aversion of juries. During the tribunal session, one of the federal prosecuting officers, John Houston has inquiry on the luxury life style of Ken. He has asked that “ have you of all time considered to cut down personal disbursals, in order to cut down the load of Enron? “ But some of the analysts think that it was out of scope.

Of class, John did non bury to remind the jury of Ken Lay was a immense “ house mouse ” in Enron. Even in the most hard clip of Enron, Lay has non forgotten take out 4 1000000s from company history to put in stocks. Houston besides accused that Lay has played that fast one in front 1000s of employees during uninterrupted autumn of Enron ‘s stock monetary value. He said that the portions has been absorbed by him, in fact the Numberss of portions that he sold was greater than he had repurchased.

In add-on, prosecuting officer has offered a particular corrupt informant to allow Lay is bad religion. A former Enron officer, Michael Kopper told the juries that in the past his office was close to Lay ‘s, he is rather clearly on what had done by Kenneth Lay when Enron is in troubles. “ Lay did non state the truth in forepart of juries, ” said by him. After the Enron dirt exploded, Ken has his ain blaming list which excludes him, and to defence himself once more he was stating the juries that he has done all his best to doing determination by what the information he got. Ken and Skilling are sing it positively that they will acquire rid from this.

Unfortunately, local justice, the attitude Simone Lake will decidedly do the Ken and Skilling defeated and suffer. He prompted the juries on paying attending on the fraud “ do n’t cognize with witting ” can non be legitimate defense mechanism. Some analysts believe that, this means that federal prosecuting officers has “ strategic ” on triumph, it has increased the possibility of two criminals. Simone besides announced a impermanent deferral ; members of the jury go place remainder, when rejoinder once more the instance will come in into terminal phase. Lake warned juries do non discourse the instance with anyone during and make non read the media studies or remarks which related to this instance during their remainder.

But Lay ne’er enter into gaol because of he is found that due to bosom onslaught while waiting for his sentences on his fraud. His brother, Jeff was sentenced to function over 24 old ages in prison.

Richard Kinder


President of Enron.

He had worked under Lay at Houston Natural Gas.

He kept fast on disbursals.

The perfect individual to supervise the operation and to pay down the house ‘s debt bit by bit.

He left the company in the center and was really lucky flight from the fraud.

Since he does non affect in Enron fiasco we will non discourse further on him.

2.2.2Mark VS Skilling

Mark was going around the universe, geting or constructing power workss and others energy related undertakings. Skilling was imparting Enron Capital and Trade Resources ( ECT ) same kind as investing bank to energy industries. Mark promoted the “ plus heavy ” which is acquisition of physical assets. Well, Skilling promoted “ plus visible radiation ” which is to utilize of Enron ‘s balance sheet for interceding trades.

Rebecca Mark[ 4 ]


Previously from Houston Natural Gas.

During the late eightiess, she worked in the electric power division, larning how to negociate international power coevals undertakings in a market that was merely get downing to pull investors.

After taking two old ages off to gain a Harvard MBA, Mark persuaded Lay to allow her construction an international division that would trail more energy undertakings around the universe.

Enron Development Corporation was formed in 1991 with Mark as CEO. In 1993, subsequently on go Enron International.

Spots and pieces of Mark:

For several old ages, Rebecca seems to be one of the most successful adult females in concern country. She and her squad which has name themselves as “ missionaries of denationalization ” . They were making shutting trades which means the existent net income addition of those trades would non be known by public for several old ages. Mark is stood on doing immense wealth through shutting trades. Many of those trades would subsequently to stalk back Enron.

So far from now, Mark ‘s biggest trade was a two-stage power undertaking that she built in Dabhol, India. The first phase is burn oil. Next, a larger phase on firing liquified natural gas ( LNG ) . LNG is a dearly-won fuel, so end product from the works would be conveying big net income to them. India had state with widespread of poorness. The local authorities ne’er decide it on stolen electricity. The World Bank rejects to stand for this undertaking, claiming that it has no benefits to economic. There was widespread of resistance to the undertaking, so Mark with her political squad work out to her. The undertaking “ abortive ” during 1996 after India ‘s Congress Party voted over it.

To re-start the undertaking, Mark worked indefatigably. She has back and Forth between Houston and India. Lay recruited the engagement of the Clinton disposal, which actively stressed the new Indian Government to re-start the undertaking. After some re-arbitration, the undertaking was restart. Enron with aid of Clinton ‘s squad trade with the Indian authorities by required the state-owned electric public-service corporation to purchase power from the Dabhol works. By some analyzes, the public-service corporation would hold to settle payments numbering USD 30 billion over the life of the undertaking.

For Mark, the undertaking was a immense success, it brought celebrity and fillips. In 1998, she ‘s on the screen of Forbes magazine. She was selected to the Board of Overseers of Harvard Business School and the Advisory Board of Yale ‘s School of Management. Enron proxy statements indicate out that her combines ‘ compensation for 1996 to 1998 was USD 25.7MM.


Enron had been playing on the thought of developing a H2O trading market, and she saw this as her chance to foster her position in Enron. She purchased Wessex Water, one of England ‘s most money-spinning H2O public-service corporations. She paid USD 2.2 billion, a 30 % premium over the public-service corporations market capitalisation. Her new H2O venture was called Azurix.

To maintain its debt off Enron ‘s books, a figure of outside investors were found to organize an SPE which is Marlin Water Trust, take about 50 % of interest. Mark begins geting more assets. Marlin Water Trust was the biggest after Wessex Water in Argentina.

Mark was determined to convey Azurix to the populace. This would give her an independent company far removed from Jeff Skilling. In June 1999, she floated a 3rd of the company at USD 19 per portion, raising USD 695MM.


Due to the concern issues and sudden closing of Enron, the H2O concern dream which started by Mark ne’er get sense of success, the adventure terminal in 3 old ages merely, but Enron besides has tried something new in fiscal facet, this can be a mention to us.

October 1999, Azurix took 3.156 million to purchase a 13,600 acre farm in Madera County, California. Because this secret plan is really close to canals and H2O grapevines, Azurix plans to utilize the aquifers to run H2O bank, which store the H2O in moisture conditions and sell it during waterless clime. The program was received resistance from province and federal, environmental bureaus and wildlife conversation organisations besides believe that there is no statement on the portion of the strategy on security and protection of wildlife, and occupants nearby besides worried about that undertaking will do loss of their belongings and even take to natural catastrophes which may be due to formation of groundwater cavity. Despite the attempt put on public relation of Azurix, including the willingness to assist the building of 1000000s of dollars authorities centre edifice in county, and funding the California about 1.9 billion of H2O bond proposal which will be usage in the undertaking, but the undertaking still failed.

Azurix has a more ambitious program in Florida-to restore the universe 2nd largest wetland which has been destroyed because of the over development in agribusiness. Azurix hopes to utilize a known as aquifers storage and Restoration of H2O ( aquifer storage and recovery, referred to as ASR ) engineering to accomplish this end. ASR is really by inject dew or treated H2O and the sewerage into the land, purification by aquifers around six months to run into drinking H2O criterions, and at the terminal infusion from the land. Water in Florida is non a trade good, it can non be used for trading. Water trading has been opposed by most people. In order to advance the undertaking, Azurix hired big figure of these experts, including Florida H2O territory troughs and the chief instigators of wetland Restoration to buttonhole the authorities and parliament. They even have a meeting with President Bush, but this gesture is non adopted.

Although the advancement of the H2O bank plan is non successful, Azurix still continue to seek to transform H2O industry into fiscal based. February 2000, Azurix established a website trading, storage and conveyance of H2O WATER2WATER.COM, the site ‘s theoretical account is similar to EnronOnline, to supply information and platform to trading. At this web site, people can merchandise for H2O rights, besides achieve H2O storage with conveyance and transact, Azurix merely will bear down for the committee from the dealing. In July 2000, Azurix is rank at top 200 at B2B web site of Forbes, and it was top 10 in the web site of energy and public-service corporations. August 2000, Azurix began a small-scale of experiment program. The purpose of the undertaking is to by utilizing the web site to assist the H2O rights trading at downstream of Rio Grande.

Although is a good thought, really to get down this sort of trade in H2O industry is still really difficult. For illustration, there is no unfastened entree policy on H2O transmittal, take H2O for selling intent is hard to acquire approved from environmental organisations, all of the factors lead to hard to increase its trading volume by the web site, the web site is no longer can be connect in the really short period.

Jeff Skilling


In 1979, he earned a MBA of Harvard.

He was a adviser for McKinsey where he advised Enron on how to run its gas tubing in the rapidly deregulating US natural gas market.

He came up with the thought of establishing a “ gas bank ” .

The gas bank would be named Enron Gas Services. Subsequently on, it changed to Enron Capital and Trade Resources ( ECT ) .

In August 1990, Enron Finance Corp was formed and Skilling was chosen as CEO.

Spots and Pieces of Skilling

While Mark was get downing her Dabhol mission, Skilling was back in the United States continue prosecuting his “ plus light ” policy. By following on the extremum of his success of the gas bank, he on the spell to convey ECT into natural gas dealing, determining an active market where none had done it before. ECT jumped into this concern when the deregulating in the United States and this given him opportunities for electricity trading. During the mid of 1990s, it had 200 power sellers working out in this country. In 1995, Enron hopes the Atlantic to let go of another mercantile establishment in London office to cover power and natural gas. The house became a major force in European energy markets in a short minute. Skilling started detecting new markets to come in it and to use the “ Enron theoretical account. ” Those things included the conditions, paper mush, plastics, and metals.

Skilling besides set his wisdom oculus sights on retail electricity markets in United States. These were deregulating small and small than the sweeping markets, but the vision was for families to take an electricity provider in the same manner they choose a phone supplier in someday. This vision ne’er panned out. But for a clip, Enron devoted wide-ranging resources to constructing trade name consciousness. Television advertizements shown in several markets, it besides demoing the Enron company logo and advancing spirit of Enron ‘s advanced.

Skilling was besides working to take over Mark. He deals all things so that ECT would give funding to other divisions of Enron, including Mark ‘s Enron International. Skilling ‘s scheme enabled him to decelerate Enron International and give him a context to knock Mark ‘s heavy disbursals on undertakings. Still, Mark can ever travel for Lay or raise fund outside Enron.

Mark-to-market accounting[ 5 ]to ECT ‘s trading books

Skilling ‘s vision was to merchandise energies and other ware to the manner Wall Street trades capital. In 1991, he persuaded Enron ‘s Audit Committee to allow him to use mark-to-market accounting into ECT ‘s trading books. For liquid trading activities, mark-to-market accounting is appropriate and far superior to accrual accounting and it is widely used in the capital markets. In Enron ‘s instance, it was n’t ever suited.


Many of the markets which ECT was merchandising in are non liquid, while Enron was developing in those markets. With no liquid markets be presented, ECT has entered into far-dated gas and power trades. In this state of affairs, it changes to mark-to-model accounting alternatively of mark-to-market accounting. There was an unaddressed statement of involvement on the fillips to them was associating to the profitableness of trades. Much of the net incomes were unsure.

That twelvemonth, Kinder had a struggle with Lay over a status associating Lay ‘s helper, Nancy McNeil. Kinder and McNeil left Enron and were married shortly after. Lay offers Skilling to replace Kinder as President and COO. Mark remained a major force within Enron, but Skilling was consolidating his place, promoting a circle of co-worker into senior places. With Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling, Enron now had two concern visionaries at its controls, but there was no 1 can replace Richard Kinder ‘s good wisdom.

Performance Review Committee ( PRC )

Skilling recognized an unfriendly corporate civilization that makes employees against each other, continuously picking over out those “ non-performers ” or the “ politically stray ” and replacing them with new hires. To centralise to his strategy is to hold a public presentation reappraisal commission ( PRC ) , besides known as “ rank and Yankee. ” Skilling had long launched PRC in ECT, but now he implemented it company-wide.

Every six months, every employee ‘s public presentation was guided by a working group of directors. Employees were rated on a graduated table of 1 to 5, from best to pip. These employees were “ restructured. ” Those who have rated as 5 were moved to a separate country of the company, given a desk, phone and computing machine and confirm after several hebdomads to happen another occupation within Enron. After that, they were let travel.

But, directors on the PRC repeatedly will ne’er cognize the employees they were re-examine, so other employees would subject written position. Each employee could inquire five co-workers to manus up letters to give remark on his or her public presentation, but anyone else could subject unpleasant remarks as good. The procedure was earnestly political. Employees could “ kick out ” each other by merely subjecting negative remarks. Employees would hold trades with one another to subject good re-evaluate. If one wanted to extinguish more than 15 % of his staff and another wanted to maintain the most, they might be in collaborate with. Directors used the PRC to incentive friends, and all employees were under force per unit area to fall in up a senior director as a defender.

The PRC undermined the hazard within Enron. A complex trade and mark-to-model ratings had to be accepted by hazard direction. Hazard directors knew that they would endure in the PRC if they have any dissension on it. Risk direction became small and force to merely follow it.

2.2.3Andrew Fastow, Fall Guy


Master in business from Northwestern University, 1986.

In 1990, he worked at Continental Bank by making plus securitization trades before went to Enron.

He is close to Skilling, and was appointed Enron ‘s CFO in 1996 at the age of 37.

The Fair-haired Boy of Skilling

The former main fiscal officer of Enron, Andrew Fastow has created a new set of advanced funding methods. By utilizing this new manner, it can let company ‘s liabilities to vanish from the Enron ‘s balance sheet and still holding the authorization to command over the assets that stood behind the debt ‘s trap. Fastow earned repute as a money ace during the good clip of Enron. He was titled as a people can believe outside the box. Fastow know how to counterbalance his foreman. Skilling who was prefers “ plus light ” schemes which ever fighting to acquire return faster. Fastow has created 100s of particular purpose entities ( SPE ) which can do the plus tabular arraies of Enron looks nicer. But, all of these will subsequently on go a incubus to Fastow.


Enron had craeted a limited partnership called the Joint Energy Development Investment Limited Partnership ( JEDI ) with a state ‘s largest institutional investors and extremely influential pension fund which is California Public Employees ‘ Retirement System ( Calpers ) . The partnership is to put in natural gas undertakings. Engagement of Calpers meant that JEDI was separate from Enron. Enron acquire net incomes from the partnership, but none of JEDI ‘s debt will be on Enron ‘s books.


Enron wanted to get down a new and larger limited partnership called JEDI II, but it thought that Calpers would be unwilling to put while it was still invested in JEDI. Enron could n’t merely purchase out all Calpers investing in JEDI, which was deserving USD 383MM. This would do Enron the exclusive investor in JEDI and its debt would hold to look on Enron ‘s balance sheet. Calpers pulled out of JEDI II in October 2000 to put in something simpler and more transparent. Fastow insist to organize a new venture, called Chewco Investments, to take Calpers place as an investor in JEDI.

The Fraud of Chewco

Fastow was fighting to maintain its debt out from Enron ‘s book. With Chewco, it would once more guarantee JEDI ‘s debt will except from company since Chewco is “ independent ” from Enron. Fastow placed his subsidiaries as investor alternatively of happening a existent invester outside the house. This was pathetic. Kopper does non hold the much personal resources to do such an investing.

Fastow ‘s solution was an affecting multiple particular intent entities ( SPE ) and a direct investing by JEDI of USD 132MM in Chewco. JEDI was puting in Chewco so that Chewco could put in JEDI-A cycling investing. Besides for USD 125,000 pump in straight by Kopper and his domestic spouse, William Dodson, all of Chewco ‘s support comes either from Enron or as loans undertaken by Enron. Unexpectedly, Enron ‘s board approved the Chewco trade without cognizing the whole narratives. Enron treated Chewco as an independent entity for accounting intents, but it will ne’er be.

LJM[ 6 ]

In June 1999, depending on wrong representations by Fastow and his subsidiaries, Enron ‘s Board of Directors agreed to let Fastow to make and function as the pull offing spouse of a new SPE called LJM1, and subsequently in a larger SPE called LJM2.A Transactions entered into with LJM allowed Enron to pull strings its balance sheet by traveling ill executing assets off balance sheet by selling them to LJM.A Far from true gross revenues of assets to a 3rd party, Enron ‘s “ gross revenues ” to LJM were shams.A At times, Enron agreed in progress that it would buy back the purportedly “ sold ” asset.A Further, as the argue, Fastow and an Enron executive had a secret understanding that LJM would ne’er lose money in its traffics with Enron.A Enron was besides able to fabricate needful net incomes through assumed minutess with LJM when Enron was holding problem otherwise run intoing its fiscal goals.A Harmonizing to the ailment, the LJM minutess allowed Fastow and others to personally gain immense amounts of money in the signifier of direction fees and skimmed trade net incomes.


The ailment stated that Fastow and others deceived Enron and National Westminster Bank by in secret puting in an Enron SPE, Southampton, and so absorb off 1000000s in income that originally belonged to others.A Kopper has pleaded guilty in connexion with this strategy, and three British bankers have been charged with wire fraud in connexion with their functions in the strategy.

RADR[ 8 ]

The ailment claimed that in May 1997, Kopper and Fastow created two SPEs, known as RADR. It is to buy a part of Enron ‘s involvement in certain air current farms in California through supposed independent third-party investors known as “ Friends of Enron. ” The investings were really funded by Fastow.A Harmonizing to Kopper, when the RADR investings became profitable, Fastow demanded discount and payments in the signifiers of one-year, $ 10,000 “ nowadayss ” to members of Fastow ‘s household.

2.3 Organization involved

2.3.1 Decline of Andersen – The Cost of Dishonesty

Arthur Andersen was founded in 1913 and it headquartered in Chicago. Andersen was one of the top five of universe ‘s accounting house. It represented the audit of 2300 of listed companies in United States. Its occupy 17 % of listed companies in United States. In 84 states worldwide with 390 branched, 4,700 spouses, 2000 spouse houses, and over 85 1000s of professionals. In twelvemonth 2001, its entire gross is 9.34 billion of U.S dollars.

But after the detonation of engagement in Enron dirt, this accounting house sinks. U.S. Congress, the Justice Department, the Securities and Exchange Commission have launched probes against Arthur Andersen. Including Ford, Merck, Federal Express, Delta Airlines, and others 36 major clients terminate their contract with Arthur Andersen.

Recognition is of import for all concern, while is peculiarly of import for accounting houses. If an accounting house lost its recognition, it means game over for them. But, Andersen seem has forgot this basic fulfillment. In fact, Andersen has dallying around the audit activities non merely one time, it is non a secret as good, but they manage to manage it all, and does non makes much of influence. So, due to swearing to luck and driven by short-run involvement, Andersen continues to travel beyond it, until it was exposed with monolithic state of affairs.

We can specify Enron and Andersen as brothers. These 2 brothers have same symptoms. With the similar result, alleged also-ran, and they are both view them smart, while harming people, they besides are seting themselves to hell.

Arthur Andersen has admitted that they had destroyed portion of the information, and announced to disregard David Duncan, Enron audit spouse on January 15, 2002. Anderson accused him of call for meeting in October and destroys the information related with Enron.A But Duncan said to the congressional panel, he was moving harmonizing to direction of senior direction. He pointed out that, get down from September of 2001, individual in charge of Chicago central office has frequent meeting with hearers of Houston office to discourse on Enron-related issues, some of the company executives besides attend the meetings as good.

Although the jurisprudence does non put that how long should an accounting house to maintain records, but it is illegal to intentialy destruct the paperss that in biddings notice country. So, Arthur Anderson company or the responsible individual will be sue due to consider obstructor of the probe. U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman, Billy Tauzin said the any foolish devastation of any records shall be dismissed, any effort to hedge probe by devastation of records of people should be prosecuted.

2.3.2 Audit issues of Arthur Andersen to Enron

From theory, while we look at the major felons of listed companies, we have to divide the duties of accounting and audit purely. But it is undeniable that relationship between certified public comptrollers and listed companies are profoundly interlinked. The collapsed of Enron non merely do the vaporization of hard-earned money of Enron employees and the wealth of many guiltless investors, besides make its audit company, Andersen into despairing state of affairs.

Arthur Andersen has issued a serious deceit of the audit study and internal control rating. 2000, Andersen helped Enron to publish 2 studies which are audit study of a unqualified plus explanatory notes subdivision ( alteration in accounting policy ) and the other was claimed that internal control of Enron ‘s direction spring sensible confidence that the dependability of its fiscal statements to be approved rating report.A These two studies incurred in contrast on the Enron accounting job. After audience with Arthur Andersen, in November 2001 Enron Corporation submitted 8-K studies[ 9 ]to the SEC. The study was use to explicate on fiscal statements over the past 5 old ages, the net incomes, stockholders equity, entire assets and entire liabilities and to clearly remind investors that A audited fiscal statements from 1997 to 2000 are non reliable.A In other words, Enron went up missive after the audited fiscal statement which does non reasonably reflect its consequences of operations, fiscal status and hard currency flow. Internal controls which approved by Arthur Andersen besides can non guarantee the dependability of fiscal statements of Enron. Arthur Andersen ‘s reportA based on the fiscal image and description of the effectivity of internal control was holding a serious divergence from the existent state of affairs of Enron.

The audit of Arthur Andersen to Enron is deficiency of independency. Andersen does non merely supply the audit services to Enron, but besides well-paid consulting service. Andersen provided confer withing services and even on bookkeeping.A The community have wondered, from Enron for Andersen ‘s confer withing grosss honoring, can it stay independent? Is there presence of terrible conflictA Enron which Andersen audit for? A Can it be independent of place on issues Enron ‘s fiscal statements without indifferent sentiment? A Even though Arthur Andersen was found important accounting issues, but it may be put on the lining the loss from surrender to the big consulting gross can it still stand on independent place? A The inquiries such as these, even if Andersen can support themselves from the professional point of position there is no breach of professional moralss, but the populace will believe that still deficiency of formal independency of Arthur Andersen.

Many of Enron senior direction was the former employees of Arthur Andersen. The close relationship between them has undermined the formal independency of Arthur Andersen. Enron ‘s main fiscal officer, main accounting officer and frailty president of corporate development and other Enron senior directors are recruited from over Arthur Andersen.A Number as for the surrender from Arthur Andersen to Enron as a lower-level directors are besides legion.

They did non take the necessary disciplinary steps when they have been cognizant on the state of affairs of Enron ‘s accounting jobs. The revelation of grounds by United States Congress Investigation has stated that, they did non describe to any governments or take any steps when they have been discover the inside narrative of Enron. A congressional probe squad was holding an Arthur Andersen electronic mail said that Andersen ‘s senior spouses every bit early as in February 2001 had discussed the lifting of the concern relationship with Enron due to that Enron ‘s accounting policy as excessively radical.A We note that 2000 one-year fiscal statements of Enron, the audit study was issued by Andersen in February 23, 2001. Thus there is ground to believe that Arthur Andersen in is likely to hold been cognizant of exist of Enron ‘s accounting jobs ; A otherwise, the spouse will non discourse whether to vacate in February.

Destruction of audit working documents has lead to obstructor of justness investigation.A In the tumult of the Enron dirt, the most unexpected for the accounting profession is really devastation of 1000s of Andersen ‘s audit files. Destruction of audit records by Andersen was a crying aggravation of accounting moralss. It besides exposes they are deficiency of regard for the jurisprudence. When the dirt was out, Arthur Andersen has fired Enron ‘s audit, David.A Duncan, at the same clip lifted the place of 3 senior spouses in Houston. However, this is non best way.A Duncan told the Ministry of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation and the SEC ‘s Inquiry, he claimed that he is destructing the audit documents after direction reached to him and was halt it when received direction from attorneies. Destruction of audit records non merely lost the credibleness of Arthur Andersen, and has increased the intuition of collusion.A If this is merely the consequence of a misreckoning of audit failure of Andersen, is it deserving taking hazard the to destruct of audit files? A Merely one reply: the audit studies which has been destructed has concealing a shame collusion.

2.3.3Reflections on Enron -Analyze on Enron accounting and scrutinizing problemsA

Enron fiasco should convey to the community, particularly the attending from accounting professions. It is because Enron incident does non merely demoing deformation on accounting information, but besides exposes that serious flawed on genuineness of the accounting information system. Analyze on Enron which happened in the mature stock market can assist us to larn from it and avoid it happens in the hereafter.

Accounting and scrutinizing issue which led to Enron ‘s prostration.

Enron ‘s improper of utilizing SPE led to over-estimate on net income and undervalue its liabilities. Enron usage SPE to except the debt of JEDI, Chewco, and LJM I from its books. It causes them to over-estimated about 499 million during 1997 to 2000 and besides underestimate one million millions of its debt.

The major accounting issues of Enron were about absurd accounting patterns. Harmonizing to U.S accounting patterns before Enron, if non-related parties ( either companies or persons ) in a “ particular purpose entities ” in equity investing capital is more than 3 % , even if the “ particular purpose entities ” in the hazard borne chiefly by listed companies, listedA company can take to non include the “ particular purpose entities ” amalgamate statements. Enron took advantages on it, irrespective to the leak on accounting patterns which does non care on economic sciences substances. Enron set up 100s of SPE as a tool to hide it liabilities and cover up the loss.

Enron besides utilizing air hanging notes of receivable to overestimate its plus and stockholder equity. Enron set up 4 SPE which were titled Raptor I, Raptor II, Raptor III and Raptor IV in 2000 to fudge market hazard investing. In order to work out SPE capital ‘s job, Enron Company issued 172 million of common portions in first one-fourth of 2000. Without truly paying the dividends from SPE, Enron still insist to include it in its history receivable, and ensuing hyperbolic assets and stockholders ‘ benefit of 172 million dollars. Accord with by and large accepted accounting rules, the trade should be seen as stockholder debt, as a decrease of equity.

Enron besides utilizing limited partnership to run net income. The company through a series of fiscal inventions, including the constitution of a limited partnership controlled by fund-raisind and hedge. It was invest by LJM I and LJM II which was registered in the jurisprudence for private investing limited partnership. The spouse of LJM has been seperate into general spouses and limited spouses. Since LJM start-up, a clear account on constitution on it has inform to Board of Directors. The intent of it is to beginning financess to buy assets, as a investing spouse and cut down the investing hazard.

From June 1999 to September 2001, Enron and LJM occurred in 24 trades the company, most of these minutess the monetary value divergences from the just value.A Enron has disclosed information that the 24 trades has been increased Enron ‘s pre-tax net income by 578 million U.S. dollars. During twelvemonth 1999 and 2000, its pre-tax grosss were 743 million of U.S dollars. In these 24 minutess, Enron pre-tax grosss were 87.3 million through selling its plus to LJM II. But Enron ‘s 3rd one-fourth 2001 write-down of the SPE investings has recognized the fact that loss of 1 billion U.S. dollars. It lead to doubt on rightness of the trading net incomes of Enron in 1999 and 2000.

Enron has usage of partnership webs to self-dealing and allegedly to hide immense losingss. Enron owns a big and complex webs for the particular intent chiefly to purchase Enron assets or for its funding. Enron enstablished 3000 partnership and subordinates and 900 of it was located at abroad revenue enhancement turning away oasis.

2.4 Enron Settlement

September 2, 2002, Fortune magazine has noted that Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase on intuition of engagement in the Enron Corp. and other companies on the jobs of company ‘s accounting fraud. The article farther noted that the banking industry in U.S. is besides likely to endure because of this event a immense and lead to recognition crisis.

These two major Bankss in United States have been confirmed engaged and helped Enron to plan a complex finance dealing. The structural behind it was merely is loan. They have helped Enron to ( 1 ) blow up the hard currency flow of operation, ( 2 ) underreport the existent sum from finance activities, ( 3 ) underreport the immense debt which insist hide it by Enron.

2.4.1 J.P. Morgan Chase

SEC stated that, all of the “ pre-pay ” and dealing trade with Enron means to J.P Morgan was generated from loan. Due to construction, it has eliminated all trade good monetary value hazard that would normally look in trade good trades. The achievement from it will turn the hazard back to the Enron. While each measure of this construction is exist as a trade good trade with addendums of others elements, Enron received hard currency earlier and agreed to refund it with negotiated involvement. It has lead to recognition hazard to J.P Morgan Chase because of did non look into for ability to paying back by Enron subsequently on.

2.4.2 Citigroup

From the probe of SEC, it has stated that Citigroup besides involve in certain “ pre-pay ” dealing with Enron. Although the construction was non wholly same with J.P Morgan Chase, but the result is most likely the same. Besides that, SEC ‘s action against Citigroup was with conformity on two others dealing with Enron, which are Project Nahanni and Project Bacchus. Citigroup affecting in helped Enron to make the dealing which to bring forth hard currency from its operation by selling the Treasury bills by loan from Citigroup. Citigroup besides helped Enron to sell certain of its mush and paper concerns to a SPE with granted of loan $ 200 million.

A complex funding to Dynegy on Project Alpha besides granted with a $ 300 million by Citigroup. Based on what had found by SEC, Citigroup knew there was a mismatch between its “ mark-to-market ” net incomes and runing hard currency flow which is besides loan dealing by Citigroup.

2.4.3 Colony by J.P Morgan Chase and Citigroup

After all of the probe by SEC, J.P Morgan Chase and Citigroup will hold to bear for its duties.

JPA Morgan, without acknowledging or denying the allegations against it, has agreed to pay the SEC $ 135 million US dollars, while under the footings of the SECA colony, A CitigroupA will pay $ 120m to the SEC in vomit punishments and interest.A Of that, $ 101.25m relates toA EnronA and $ 18.75m to Dynergy. As portion of theA settlementA with the Manhattan territory lawyer ( DA ) , A CitigroupA will besides pay $ 12.5m to New York State and $ 12.5m to New York City and $ 500,000 for the costs of the investigation.A JPA MorganA will pay $ 27.5m, of which $ 2.5m is to cover the DA ‘s costs and the remainder is punishments.