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The industry has been snowballing for the past seven years. It is important to have a sound understanding of what automating your marketing may bring, before you even dive into it. The Marketing automation softwares generally bring together content assets such as landing pages, emails, web events, etc. and deliver them to prospects at the most appropriate time in their buying journey.  78 percent of top-tier marketers believe marketing automation systems to be dynamically contributing to improved revenue.What after you automate marketing?Improve your Sales cycleLead scoring and nurturing tools can help you warm the cold leads, such technology only helps you generate Marketing Qualified leads. It requires a human interaction further to nurture them into sales qualified leads. Now, what companies do is they handover the MQLs to the sales people who preselect the fine leads which are convertible with rather ease. Aren’t your demand generation programme dollars biting the dust?To turn this around, you need to deploy a sales development team, so that you never miss communication with the leads you scored with automation.This shall also establish a refined process for the future by bridging your sales development and demand generation programmes. Reduce the traditional costs while doubling ROI valueWhat is happening these days? One person handles the job of nearly 30 marketing and sales people with the help of marketing tools which let you conduct campaigns and several programmes on auto-pilot. Lead nurturing, email campaigns, and sales campaigns are hovering all over the market and experts in the industry believe this pattern will go a long way in the future as well. While the traditional marketer sources 31% in the pipeline, the person automating it sources a 45%.With the old practices, revenue plan attainment met a mere 67%, automating the marketing process raised the bar to 84%. Conversion rates go as high as 50% in B2C as per a research conducted by eMarketer. Nail multi-channel marketingOne email sent to a potential lead cannot perform as per your expectations and so you incorporate several channels to utilised psychological human-tendencies. Personalisation is on the rise due to marketing automation. Let’s dig a little. A prospect visits your website and adds a product to their cart or wishlist, you send them an email an hour later, applauding their choice or the product itself. After sometime, as they log into facebook, they see a contextual advertisement taking them to your landing page which talks about the product and also contains product reviews. Supposedly, the prospect still isn’t sold and so you can trigger a text message asking them to seek for help from your support team. This is possibly your last resort.In case he/she shows know growing interest, you can start targeting the prospect with something around their search criterion. In spite of being super-psychological, this approach isn’t much into practise but there is scope for companies to understand the impact of hyper-personalisation. Losing customers due to them getting distracted by other similar products if completely off the table.Improve numerous processesYou are going to have a birds-eye view into your processes. From the time when leads flow-in to when they reach absolute conversions. Figuring out sales or marketing qualified leads has been revamped with automated monitoring. You can improve accountability across your marketing and sales team as now you have a clear insight into which processes are lagging behind or not effectively contributing. Frequent in-depth feedbacks can be provided to the teams involved with the help of available analytics.Bring predictive analytics into practiseIn 2012, Amazon filed a patent  for a predictive analytics system that would allow them to begin shipping products before a customer even ordered them. Quiet mind boggling? What they would have done is tracking the user behavior flow on the website, monitoring usual activity. Say, was the visitor trying to add a product to their cart or looking for a cheaper option in its category. This use case of predictive analysis helps winning over customers and helping them score a competitive advantage over their competitors. Marketing automation has eliminated guess work from the core of every business. With artificial intelligence coupled, predictive analysis is supposed to get more enterprising with time. As per marketing experts themselves, it is expected to surpass their experience-bound thought process. Conduct frequent timeless testsWhen it comes to finding the best methods, it often helps to change up certain variables to determine which approach has the most influence on customer engagement. Marketing automation allows businesses to test various options for email messages, landing pages, online forms, and more. For instance, timing can mean the difference between a customer just opening an email, reading an email, or deleting an email without giving it a second thought. With marketing automation the frequency with which companies send messages, the phrases they use in subject lines, and the call-to-action can all be adjusted and tested to easily determine the most engaging combination for consumers.Block QUOTEMarketing automation and content management systems have been induced to achieve results.  In the current business climate, you should not underestimate their respective capabilities. Marketing automation has gained a lot of speed around Drupal lately and the community is proud of how they are helping organisations reach peak operations.Your content management system amplifies marketing automationYour automation is proactively working towards driving the right crowd to your website, multi-channel marketing is practised for the same reason. However, once the prospect has arrived on the website, your automated programmes go to sleep. Now, the content available on your website, built on a CMS, has to do all the talking. Automation is being underutilised if it has not being integrated into your content management system. When integrated, you can effectively push your leads through the very stages of the conversion funnel. Every little thing, from a Call-to-action to the entire User Experience is fairly going to have a hand.  Well nurture your leads by timely engagementTiming matters a lot when it comes to lead nurturing. Delivering the same message or piece of information even minutes apart can propel them to conduct a transaction with you or give you a closure. Website forms are a great example of this. Once a visitor has allowed you to contact them via email for newsletters or webinars or news from your company. Time is for you to understand how far they are down the funnel and take the appropriate action instead of sending them cold emails which are irrelevant to their interests. Your marketing automation platforms should be integrated with your CMS dynamically, so that the moment someone fills a form, a personalised confirmation email is sent to them. You can even automate sending valuable content they might have signed up for, minutes after they registered. Also, your CMS should provide time-sensitive information to the integrated tool so that the strategically planned action can be undertaken.Personalise your messaging with powerful data from DrupalThe marketing automation tool should receive vital data from your CMS in order for you to be personalise your outgoing marketing material. Personalisation for new and retained customers has been the elephant in the room for a long time. How do you manage new visitors with automation and old customers on a very personal level?With the help of high-end data collected by your CMS, it is quite easy to figure out who is who. A new visitor behavior is easily differentiable from the long term one. If a new visitor interacts with the chatbot on your website and has a couple of questions to be answered, the best thing to do is respond to their queries via email or create a separate landing page which has answers to all of their questions. On the other hand, if the customer made a fifth purchase from your website, you can deliver them emails providing information on more products they might love to buy. Content management systems play a fair role in identifying who is who and feeding the data to integrated marketing automation tools so that further action can be taken. Utilise Drupal’s content repository Gather insights from micro and macro data to strategize betterStatistics in block qoutes Drupal marketing Automation modulesStatistics in block qoutes MailchimpStatistics in block quotes – Drupal can help you conduct marketing in a fairly economical and the most efficient way. In case you have decided to purchase marketing automation tools and want to get consulted on integrating them into your Drupal website. You should not hesitate in dropping us a line at h[email protected], we would revert to you within the hour.