The capital group Essay

To whom it may concern:


I am [name here] from The Capital Group, which is a company that realizes the power of partnership. Historically, there are two separate bodies when it started in the year 1996, which are the Capital Consulting Limited and the Capital Debt Management Service. Our company is recognized to be a provider of quality and innovative services. The services rendered to the client are in the areas of Human Resources, Financial Services Consultancy, and Training and Organizational Development, and Event Management.

As Training and Organizational development comprises an important component of the services of the organization, there are three distinct characteristics that the organization focuses on. First, the trainings conducted are geared towards achieving an experiential type of learning. This is seen to be a more practical form of training and leads to more positive outcomes for the clients. Second, the in-house courses conducted are designed according to the needs of the clients. Lastly, feedbacks are obtained in order to continually improve the services that we have according to what the clients are saying and the evaluation of the outcomes of the training.

The image that the company has made over the years of service to the clients is one that exhibits strength, credibility, and repute. It is with much pride that we put forward a proposal to represent your company in Ghana. With this representation, your company will be able to make its presence felt in our country and with the different clients that we have. The opportunity that is offered by the country of Ghana to be among the most practical and suitable setting for a company like yours is a worthy venture to take. In addition to this, the number of companies who are in need of training services are increasing with the intensified demand of the present times. We are seeing a brighter end for this proposal for both companies involved.

We are hoping to hear from you soon regarding the plans and the intentions of representation.




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