The caregiver has one of the biggest

The caregiver has one of the biggest roles in the life of the patient during the time where they can’t fend for themselves. Losing memories is not only a very hard thing to deal with because they forget to do many things, but it also is difficult because the Alzheimer’s patient can become violent at times.

This happens when they are so confused that they don’t seem to remember or trust anyone around them. They become afraid and start to question everything environmentally, even though they could be in their own home. The best thing for the caregiver to do in this situation is to try to calm down the patient or show the individual people with Alzheimer’s pictures of their past to make them understand that no one is trying to harm them. Considering that at times the patient forgets many things, the caregiver has to ┬áto do it for them or remind them. Alzheimer’s patients forget how to dress themselves, bath themselves, and even how to do daily chores around the house.

On top of that they can even forget how to drink or eat certain foods. For example, bananas have a shell around them, people peel the shell of before actually eating the banana, but if the patient doesn’t remember what a banana was then they could possibly eat it with the shell. As well as physical functions, the Alzheimer’s patient can forget speech and language. The caregiver has to treat them like as if they were a child first learning how speak. This happens because the brain cells are so advanced and attack more, making the patient unable to keep certain information in their brain.

The patients become so unaware of their surroundings that the caregiver is needed at all times. Now it’s the responsibility for the caregiver or the family members to make decisions that the patient has no power over anymore. The caregiver becomes very involved with the patient and all the friends and family that are involved as well. Like said before the caregiver becomes emotionally involved and it can be too much at times.

They also have to realize that their health is just as important. They don’t eat or sleep as much as they should and they become very tired. They are too worried about the patient that they don’t have to time to care for themselves. They need to