The Caribbean Mosaic Essay

The Caribbean Mosaic and page numberRunning Head: The Caribbean MosaicThe Caribbean MosaicStudent’s namedepartmentuniversityThe Caribbean Mosaic and page numberMonologue with RainThis story talks about a man who was walking to his home in the stormy dark night while he is reminiscing the past – his past with his lover named Dania. He recalls on how they met in a party at work. She made a good impression on him.

She was so beautiful even without makeup and she always looked like she had hidden secrets that she did not want to share with the others.He can still remember and smell her scent even on the wet weather. It sticks to the earth and leaves.

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He believes that nothing can wash it away and that it seems her scent had saturated with his own skin.She was a very independent woman who smoked cigarettes that were good for three people. She did whatsoever he did not want her to do. She bought a motorcycle and she said she can handle things on her own, all of which she gave enough justification.They frequently quarrelled over some things. She just sat down on the edge of the chair and listened to him. Then all of a sudden, she would start yelling back at him, waving her arms around, and throwing her cigarette down violently.

He did not know what the woman has got that she was electrifying him, sending shock waves through his body. Without her, Sunday for him is unbelievably long.When he finally got to the hallway where he is living, he can truly feel the absence of Dania. However, he did not know what has been waiting for him on the other side of the door. He imagined that she was there waiting for him naked , looking at herself in the mirror while the two candles are shining and flickering on her skin with red tones.

He needed her in many ways that even he isn’t aware of.Then he opened his door and simultaneously, the lights came back. He then knew her absence awaits like another rainstorm…