The Case for Big Government & the Big Rip Off Essay

The Case for Big Government & the Big Rip Off

The Case for Big Government

            Numerous economists think that the economic development of a country depends on the size of the government. One such economist who thinks that big governments are essential for the economic development of a country is Jeff Madrick. In his book “The Case for Big Government”, Jeff Madrick brings forth his notion that a big government is decisive for the economic development of the country. Madrick writes about the economic development of America and the role played by its big government. By citing the periods in American economy when big governments brought about economic development, Madrick aims to support his claim regarding the significance of the big government.

            In his book, Madrick explains that the prosperity of a nation depends on the size of its government. And to prove his point, he cites the examples of numerous prosperous nations whose governments are big. Madrick goes on to mention that the public investments aided in attaining self-reliance for the American population. He brings forth the importance of an activist government in the American economy by mentioning about its work from the era of Thomas Jefferson till the nineteen and twentieth centuries. According to Madrick, the active participation of the American government can provide the people in its nation with financial security.  Madrick supports the case of big government in his book vehemently, for he thinks that a big government can aid in raising the living standards of the Americans, and also in providing education to its people at low costs. Through public investments, a big government can lead a nation to prosperity and economic development. Madrick emphasizes on the fact that it is

government’s active participation which determines the rate of success achieved by the

government in attaining the goal of economic development.

            Although Madrick presents his case for big government in a way which brings forth the significance of government’s role in the advancement of American economy, he fails to consider the other factors that can influence the economy of the nation. The manner in which Madrick advocates for big government is not convincing enough to make the reader to believe in his claims. Reading the book aided me in understanding the work of government in raising the standard of living of Americans. But the various approaches suggested by Madrick to increase the revenue of the government through taxation are not approved by me. The book targets the people who disapprove big government, as it aims to convince them regarding the importance of big government. Madrick succeeds in his aim but partially, for he ignores the other factors which have contributed to the economic development of America.

The Big Rip Off

            The development of a nation is influenced by the government and the big business which flourish in the nation.  It is always thought that the government regulates the big business in a manner which is beneficial to its citizens. But the scenario in numerous countries is far different from this notion held by people regarding the control of government on big business. The big business influences the government in formulating policies which are beneficial to their business. It is this hold of big business on the government that is discussed by the Timothy Carney in his book “The Big Rip Off: How Big Business and Big Government Steal Your Money”. Through his book, Timothy Carney aims to show how the big business is utilizing the government to

increase its profits in American economy. A political reporter by profession, Timothy Carney

presents the politics involved in the support of the government for big business.

            To prove his claim that big business are stealing the money of the people and the government is aiding the big business in doing so, Timothy Carney mentions about the companies such as Enron. He points out that the government taxes the large corporations heavily thereby creating a situation where a monopoly of big business exists. The consumer has to pay for the extra expenditure incurred by the large corporations, owing to the high taxes. The large corporations are protected from competition due to high taxes but the consumer is one who is paying for the security of the corporations. Timothy also brings to the notice of the reader that American people are paying high taxes but these taxes are benefitting the big companies, as these companies are favored by the government. The money which should be utilized by the government to serve the needy people is handed out to the big business. To prove his point, Carney writes about Gov. Mark Warner who was responsible for the largest tax increase in Northern Virginia. The government regulations are meant to benefit the consumer but in reality they are aiding the big companies in maintaining their hold in the field of business.

            Through the book “The Big Rip Off: How Big Business and Big Government Steal Your Money”, Timothy Carney aims to prove wrong the notion that big business supports free-market policies. Carney succeeds in his aim by presenting facts which support his claim. This book has helped me in understanding how government and big business are creating a situation which is detrimental to the American people but advantageous to the big business. The question of the American people in regards to the use of their money which they pay in form of taxes is answered by the book. The only drawback in the book is regarding Carney’s predictions which are very bleak.

The Medicated Child

             In the report titled “The Medicated Child”, the increase in the number of children diagnosed with bipolar disorder is discussed. Bipolar causes mood swings and depression in children. The diagnosis of bipolar is a complicated issue, for the symptoms of other disorders are similar to bipolar leading to confusion in the diagnosis. Owing to this factor, numerous children are over-diagnosed thereby leading to a false conclusion that they are suffering from bipolar. Treating bipolar disorder in children is also difficult as research proves that drugs which are effective in treating bipolar adults are not able to produce the same results in children. In such a scenario, the chances of doctors using drugs, which are yet to be tested, for treating bipolar in children are extremely high. The report also presents various solutions offered by different psychiatrists to carry out a correct diagnosis of bipolar in children.

The Released

            The article “The Released” focuses on the story of mentally ill offenders after being released from the jail. The number of mentally ill offenders who are being released from the jail is increasing drastically. After their release, these offenders who are suffering from some sort of mental illness are left to look after themselves. With no one to take care of them, these offenders engage in unlawful activities and return to jail again. These mentally ill people also face the problem of housing, as there is dearth of centers and hospitals which provide care for such persons. The article presents the example of some mentally ill offenders who have to be arrested again. The lack of medication and proper care results in the re-arrest of these people. When

mentally ill criminals are released from the jail, they are given medications for two weeks. But

with no other place where they can continue with their treatment within the stipulated time of two weeks, these people end up in the jail again. The article highlights the need of proper care and medications for mentally ill criminals, who are released from the jail, so that they are prevented from committing unlawful activities again.

Black Money

            The rising level of corruption in the field of international business is presented by Lowell Bergman in the article “Black Money”. In today’s competitive world of business, companies restore to bribery to secure deals which bring huge profits to them. To bring forth the corrupt practices adopted by companies to get hold of profitable business deals, Bergman mentions about the Al Yamamah deal which took place between BAE Systems and the Royal Saudi Air Force. Although the deal was supported by the British government, there were doubts in the mind of numerous people regarding the way the deal was secured by the BAE Systems. The truth regarding the manner in which BAE Systems won the deal came out when Peter Gardiner’s confession revealed that BAE Systems has bribed the Saudi Prince Turki to secure the deal.  The bribe was in form of luxury services which were provided by Peter Gardiner. As the deal was investigated further, it became clear that the deal was won on the basis of bribery. But owing to the pressure from Saudis, the investigation of the deal had to be stopped before exposing the whole truth. The article with its information regarding the Al Yamamah deal proves the fact that black money circulates in the world of business in form of bribes.