The case of legalizing drugs (Microeconomics) Essay

“Marijuana Menace” in 1919 to “War on drugs” as known today is still a standing issue in many countries. The issue of Legalization is difficult to handle as drugs comprehend substances which could have impacts on society on a wide scale. So, before the issue could be seen in black or white, it is important to define the level of danger for a drug to be counted for prohibition. The question of legalizing drugs centered on herb called “Marijuana” which is essentially illegal to grow or possess in many countries. The issue is more about legalizing the growing, selling, buying or possessing marijuana in America. Infact there are places in California where marijuana is already legal for medicinal purposes (White D., n.d.). As per the available stats about 41% of the Americans believe that the drug should be legalized (2003) but others are still concerned about health damage and other adverse affects.

The fact is that irrespective of if the drugs are legalized or not, people would manage to buy them. There are many cases when it is easier to obtain drugs than alcohol even in dry states. On one side when cases like theft and smuggling would decrease on legalization, it may convey a liberal message to the generation to have a right on ingesting such toxics. In such scenario, it would not be wise for the government to consider growing the economy on drugs and ignoring the ethical perspective but think on legalizing all the drugs as a regulation on the buying, selling and ingesting them. Moreover, the responsibility of the government is not only to protect the rights of the people to choose but also make sure that they don’t spend money on illegal temptations at the cost of their family welfare. Thus, legalizing drugs would help the government to keep a check on the social and economical conditions of not only the country but the countrymen. Though “war on drugs” has become a taboo and ineffective event, it is never too late to prevent it from transforming to ‘war against death’.


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