The Cause and Effect of Unemployment Essay

The Cause and Effect of Unemployment            In this essay I will give you the information I have found to be true pertaining to the cause and effects unemployment and the difficulties the population faces as a result. I will give you information based on how it is effecting the current economy at large, the general population of the world, effects on smaller businesses and most of all the effect it has on families, children and our future.  These are hard times, no one wants to face them, however, for the substantial population of the world we currently have no choice in the matter.  We have to deal with it because that is all we can do to survive.The most common causes of unemployment are getting fired or laid off for specific reasons.  People might get laid off if a company is going out of business or maybe if there are positions in the company that are no longer needed. This is called downsizing.  It’s difficult to find a job right away after being fired.

Companies don’t want to hire someone who has just been fired for reasons such as failure to do a sufficient job, not showing up to work, stealing, etc.There are lots of employers that use the excuse of  bad productivity and not keeping up the same efforts, standards or results during this economic slump as grounds for dismissing employees as well.  This in turn saves the employer from paying unemployment compensation to employee’s.  If the employer can give just cause for letting someone go even if it is actually not due to the employee’s actual job performance, but is consistent with the guidelines of not meeting company policy, quota or goals, they can get away with it.  This in turn is how a lot of  employers during the current state of affairs are getting around that problem to save the company money.It’s hard to find a job instantly after being laid off. In some cases the economy is down and it is hard to find any work in general,  some people can’t get hired because they don’t have an education and they are not qualified to do the work required. Most companies call a person’s references and if they don’t have a good work record they are not likely to get hired either.

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Employers will always hire the most qualified person based on their resume, or brief account of one’s education and professional experience, unless they feel that the applicant is to well qualified and worried that the employee will leave when a better paying or something more related to their education, training comes along.Other people can’t find jobs because of disabilities or health problems. If someone gets into a car accident and gets physically injured long-term or becomes disabled, it becomes difficult to do many types of jobs. In another case a person may become ill and not be able to work for a long period of time or at all.  This causes gaps in employment history and that also puts red flags up for potential employers.  Even before they ask a candidate to find out why those gaps occurred, they will just dismiss that applicant and move forward.  This is again, a way of speeding up the process of eliminating applicants from a hiring stand point.One of the most life changing effects of unemployment is the loss of income.

Especially if they are a single parent of if they have a large family to support. Having no money means eventually having no food, no clothes, no shelter, and no car. It also prevents one from doing many things and activities, even though their amount of leisure time has increased. One might not have money to go to the movies, play on sports’ teams, or do any other recreational things. Being unemployed puts a heavy burden on the entire family, added stress on a marriage or current child – parent relationships, and just the general family structure as a whole.  Certain ways of life that were established and grown accustomed to will not longer exist and that will cause not only hardship when having to explain to your family and other the reason for this but it also leaves a feeling of sadness, regret and having let down your family and friends.

The after effects from this downward spiral of events can not only cause heartache, failed marriages, severe depression, anger and regret.  It can also cause serious emotional and mental harm to everyone involved due to the feeling of failure and not being able to live up to expectations.  Especially when it becomes harder to regain employment.

  The feelings grow, the anger grows, the animosity grows, the depression grows and it becomes a whirlwind cycle that sometimes can end in very dire consequences.Effects of unemployment can be felt worldwide.  From the rising cost of food, entertainment, housing, basic needs, clothing and especially the general well being of the population.  Families lose their health insurance, if you have children that are in need of medical care on a regular basis, or someone else in your family that requires it, even if it is medication on a monthly basis you have great difficulty being able to afford these even minor requirements to provide for your family.  Then you run into the problem of keeping your house, whether renting or owning it, there are still bills that have to be paid in order to maintain a roof for you and your family.

  If the worst happens and you lose your place to live, then you have to rely on homeless shelters, which as we all know are over flowing because of this exact reason.  If you do not have extended family near you, it puts an even bigger strain on finding something safe and available to live in with your children.  If you do not have children it can be a little less stressful when finding a shelter to stay in, basically because safety might be easier to maintain if you do not have to worry about anyone but yourself.  Yet the threat of danger is still there no matter who you are.Food Banks, soup kitchens, women and children shelters, battered women shelters, veteran shelters, the Salvation Army, Goodwill, area church organizations along with state and local government agencies all try to provide assistance to the general population but this comes at a price.

When there is no money or funds to give these organizations so they can help they do what they can and wait for the next avenue of funding to come in.  It is a vicious never ending cycle in today’s economy.  The rich do still stay rich, and everyone else slowly ends up on the poor side of life, at one time or another.The government keeps changing the guidelines of qualifying for any services because the need has become so great, they just don’t have the funds to keep it going either.  The doctors that accept the state sanctioned medical assistance have grown to a very short list, or they are so swamped with patients that they have no room to accept any new patients.  The doctors do not get paid well from the state, so they have to regulate how many patients they see that are covered by state health coverage. Of course they have to be paid also to maintain their jobs, so if they do not get enough from the state agencies, they they reduce or even stop giving treatment to people covered by state medical coverage.  Worse yet is the doctors that continue to see state aided patients but give them not even the very minimum care needed, most times overlooking medical problems, forgoing tests they feel might cost to much on their end, which eventually may turn into horrible outcomes if not tested, treated or diagnosed properly or in time.

  But the worst is that the doctors basically turn it into an assembly line, shuffling patients in and out of their offices as fast as they can in order to see as many as possible for the most minimum amount of time.  You are lucky if you have 5 minutes to speak with the doctor before he is gone and you are left wondering what happened and if you are going to be treated for what brought you in to see them in the first place.  The same goes for all forms of health care providers from eye doctors, dentists, specialty physicians, even Urgent Care Clinics that tend to get the overflow of patients that are not critical enough for the emergency room.  The patients that do not have any insurance basically go without being seen at all, for anything, and then the problems just build and build until sometimes it becomes medically necessary to be hospitalized or they die.  All of this would have been taken care of sooner, if they had been able to afford a visit to the doctor.I do not believe that with all the money the government throws around on a daily basis for the most idiotic ideas should take president over the current welfare of the worlds population.  We are a world falling into another cycle of the Great Depression and there is nothing being done about it.

  We still spend millions of dollars everyday sending our military to be security guards for a nation that is not helping us or anyone else.  We are killing our families, ourselves and the world at large because people lose their jobs, companies close, businesses go under due to no money to keep them running, mom and pop establishments that have been around for decades, closing their doors because there just is not any more money to keep them open.  All those people typically do not even qualify for unemployment.  So exactly how are they supposed to survive?  No one has that answer, especially no one in government now.  If you are lucky enough to qualify for unemployment benefits it still only covers you for so long, you are only getting a percentage of what your previous salary or wage was, and yes it will keep some of us from losing everything we have worked so hard for, it still does not save you for long. It ends and if you have not been able to find new employment before it runs out, then you are in a world of even bigger problems now.Typically those who qualify for unemployment will be able to probably keep their home, they can apply for assistance if there is any available to help with utilities, food and healthcare.  But a lot of the assistance is just not there either.

  So you pay what you can, do what you can for your family and slowly get further behind on all your bills because unemployment does not give you enough to cover all your expenses.  You cut back substantially with everything in your life, you take risks with your healthcare so your children can have food.  Then comes the end of the money.  If you have no savings, or have used all your savings keeping yourself afloat then how do you support your family or yourself when it does run out?  This is when things go from bad to worse.  Utilities get shut off, automobiles are repossessed, you lose your home or you go into foreclosure, if you are job hunting and you have no phone where anyone can contact you for an interview how are you going to find a job?  If you are lucky enough to find a job somewhere, but you have lost your home and do not have a permanent address of record, a lot of employers will not hire you because they requires you to have an address, an actual home address to put on your application.

  Someplace listed that shows you are going to be around, you are going to keep the job you are given and you are not going to leave or just not be able to work. So you can lie, put your old address, or a friends address, something just to get you in the door, but if your employer finds out you lied on your application, guess what you get fired because you lied, you falsified information on an official document.  Not to mention the fact that you signed a statement, as we all do on the application, or the hiring paperwork that asks you if you are telling the truth and if you are found to not be they you are dismissed from your job.It becomes a never ending story of pain, hardship and families lost in this horrible time.

  There are so many things worse in the world we should have to worry about than if we are going to be able to feed our children, give them a warm, dry, safe place to sleep and take them to the doctor if they become sick.  It breaks my heart every day to know that I like so many other people in this world today are having to deal with just these issues.  Something needs to be done.  Something needs to give me along with everyone else hope that this will not be what we have to look forward to giving our children in the future.

For those of us who have busted our butts to make something out of nothing for their families, for all the people who work harder than they ever have before in their lives just to keep their children feed and housed, I feel your pain, I am right there along side you.  Do not let your world crash around you, I have been there, its not fun.  So what if you can not get a job doing what you are trained to do.  Do not give up, even when it looks to black ahead, just take it slowly, thank god for your beautiful children or grandchildren, friends and family that have been there doing what they can to support you even if it was nothing more then a shoulder to cry on, or a smile when all you wanted to do was cry.

  Prove to yourself and to everyone around you that you will make it.If we have to give our children a future that might look bleak, at least give them one that shows them you are fighting for everything you can, and it is all for them.  To make something worth leaving for them.  To give them hope that one day it will be better again.