The cave Essay

In Plat’s Allegory of the Cave, the world outside represents the world of form s and the shadows on the wall represent the objects in the physical world. When one of the prisoners escape he witnesses enlightenment and realizes that forms are the act reality. Plato was trying to explain that most people in the real world are like t he prisoners. They believe that the “shadows” are reality, whereas the philosophy errs are like the prisoner who escapes, they have seen the real world and have true knoll edge.

Plato is basically saying that knowledge is a hard thing to be taught and it is eve ray hard to find a person who can teach you knowledge without you being completely diet ermined in finding it. In Bacon’s Four Idols, he talks about four natural tendencies people believe. T he four idols are, idols of the tribe, idols of the cave, idols of the marketplace, and idol s of the theatre. In the first Idol, Idols of the tribe, he basically states that people’s bell ifs are based off Of what they were raised with.

Basically, what got out Of the idol Of the tribe is hat, say you were raised with parents who are Christian or Mormon or maybe e even racists. Four parents raised you as a Christian you are more than likely going g to die being a Christian. The second idol, the idol of the cave, a den was the symbol, it represented the minds of individuals.