The Challenge straegy of Smart Mobile Essay

For example, we just spend 2$ per month will got 120 MN for free call. As, we see that Smart is trying to find the good promotion in order to meet he Customer Satisfaction, In spite of this case many company also compete with smart: Mobile ( Cellular ) is the main competitor of the Smart Strata. This company is offer the price is higher than Smart. Mobile is also provide for customer many promotional to their consumer like: Cellular Them Them is give the customer use the SIMI has 1 0,000 minutes inside.

Cellular XX is provide the customer to register and choose the package of each price which is container of free call , Internet, and Message in one package. Cellular Niamey is the service that is provide for For people who just want to talk, Cellular Niamey offers great rates plus long validity and long grace periods. Monotone is also the poplar one in Cambodia nowadays, and the it is also the Smart Competitor by this company is offer many promotion and service such as: Mobile Internet packaging is the service that Is effort customer for buy the package that Is divide into 7 packages to customer to choose.

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Another one is, Call me back is a service that allows Monotone’s customer asking another calling back with a short message. One more, is the popular one that Cambodia people is interest in it, Faceable For You is the service that offer hat offer to customer by allow them to pay 1 0 cent per day for playing and checking faceable for unlimited. Beeline Is also the Mobile Communication Service Provider that is popular in our country but not seem to be the not compete with smart.

And this company is also have the good promotion strategy to competitor like: Weekend Bonus is the promotion that if their customer top up every Sunday and Saturday will got the 900% Bonus. Other one is, Hi World Promotion is customer use only 4 cents per minute to make an oversea call over 20 countries. One more is, Beeline Pod Park is the service that offer to customer by let them exchange money for using on net call, message, and internet.

Cube ( CB ) Is the also the popular one our country, but recently this company seem to be a bit silent. But this company also has their strategy to attract the consumer like: Data Exchange is similar to other company also by let their customer exchange the amount credit in the phone to use the internet, call, and message. Other one is, CB together is CB customer can take advantage of the best international calling rate by 3. 5 cent per minute.