‘ time Bathsheba is rather frightened of Boldwood

‘ Hardy uses imagery so the reader can picture the scene also Hardy indicates that this is perhaps not such a good thing because Boldwood said this remark fiercely and he scared Bathsheba because she whispered her reply. Boldwood shows has a harsh grudge against Troy and Hardy shows this by how Boldwood blames Troy for stealing his ‘treasure’ and ‘robbing him. ‘ This shows Boldwood’s obsession with Bathsheba. At this time Bathsheba is rather frightened of Boldwood and does not like him at all and therefore this makes the reader dislike this person because Hardy made Bathsheba dislike him.

Boldwood and Gabriel’s loves are very different but at times there might be a slight similarity between the two. The two are similar because when the both go and ask for Bathsheba’s hand in marriage they both beg her at first. In the end Gabriel gives up hope and leaves, however this is very different to Boldwood’s actions. Boldwood continues to plead her and blames her and Troy. Hardy suggests this is not good because of the language that Boldwood uses and the things that he says. For example Boldwood says, ‘your new freak was my misery’ ‘I’ll punish him-by my soul, that I will! ‘ Here Boldwood is talking about revenge on Troy.

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His love for Bathsheba has made him go insane. Boldwood also says, ‘He stole you in my absence and robbed me’ ‘Before he worried you, your inclination was to have me. ‘ Another example of how hardy shows that Boldwood’s love is wrong is because the reader can see Boldwood through Bathsheba’s eyes. The reader is able to see that he terrifies her. Hardy suggests that this type of love is not good because love should never terrify you but instead excite you. For example the way in which Troy excites Bathsheba. An example of Hardy telling us directly about Bathsheba’s reaction to Boldwood is, ‘His unreasonable anger terrified her.

‘ Also Bathsheba’s speech tells the reader that she is scared of him and tries to defend herself. She uses her gender in this case to stand up for herself. Hardy makes Bathsheba do this so we can realise of how scared she is of him, Bathsheba used to be wild and in control of herself but now only to defend herself and stop him from speaking so ruthlessly to her she used her sex. Bathsheba said, ‘I am only a girl – do not speak to me so. ‘ Another way in which Hardy shows us Boldwood’s anger is when Boldwood accepts that Bathsheba does not love him.

This sudden change of attitude shows us the way in which Boldwood can make Bathsheba feel. This is one of the many styles that Hardy uses to make Bathsheba feel guilty for what she has done. This would not be regarded as a good type of love. An example of Boldwood’s sudden change in manner is when he says, ‘Say Bathsheba, that you only wrote that refusal to me in fun- come say it to me! ‘ This type of love is very different from Gabriel’s love. The dialogue in the whole chapter was rather bitter and it was Boldwood who was saying practically all the harsh dialogue.

Comparing this dialogue to the dialogue with Gabriel, Bathsheba was in control of the entire conversation and even so, Gabriel still does not get angry with her because Gabriel’s love is true and is not obsessive like Boldwood’s. Gabriel can see Bathsheba’s faults and knows she is not perfect because in the first chapter when he sees her for the first time looking at herself in the mirror, he knows at once that she is vain and he says, ‘But she has her faults. ‘ This is very different to Boldwood’s attitude towards Bathsheba because he just adores her and can never find a single fault in her because of his obsession with her.

Also Bathsheba feels comfortable and relaxed with Gabriel because they become good friends due to Gabriel’s patience, so Hardy suggests that this type of love is good. An example of Bathsheba being relaxed around Gabriel is in the chapter, ‘Particulars of a Twilight Walk’ when they both talk really light-heartedly about Bathsheba’s love dilemma. Also another example is in the chapter ‘The Storm’ when once again Bathsheba talks to Gabriel really affectionately like a really close friend. An example of Bathsheba’s closeness to Gabriel is when she asks for his opinion because it matters to her.

She asks, ‘And you blamed me for it?’ and she asks this rather comfortably and frankly. In chapter 38, ‘Rain-One Solitary meets another’, Hardy makes a direct comparison between the two characters, Boldwood and Gabriel, by placing them together in the same scene. By comparing the two characters the reader can come to their own conclusions on which type of love is best Gabriel still seems to care for Bathsheba and he only wants to see her happy and his affection for her is shown by him working really hard on her farm and looking after it for her sake. Gabriel is shown to be really kind and hardly ever blames Bathsheba because he loves her.

At the beginning of the chapter Gabriel was about to blame Bathsheba because he always tries his best to help her so he can receive her love in return, but however hard Gabriel tries he still is unable to receive her love and this makes him slightly angry, but he controls himself. This shows the forgiving and caring personality that Gabriel has and that his love is true and pure. An example of this situation is when Gabriel begins blame her and he thinks, ‘As for her’ but then Hardy tells us, ‘But Oak was generous and true and dismissed his reflections.

‘ On the other hand Boldwood is very different to Gabriel because instead of caring for Bathsheba, Boldwood is still dwelling on the fact that Bathsheba does not wish to marry him and Hardy also shows, by the conversation that that Boldwood and Gabriel have, that Boldwood is mentally and physically distracted and disturbed. An example of this type of behaviour is when Boldwood says, ‘I feel it is better to die than to live! ‘ He says this because of Bathsheba denied his hand in marriage. An example of Boldwood being physically altered is when Hardy describes to us how Boldwood looks.