The Chinati Foundation Essay

The Chinati Foundation            From the visionary mind of Donald Judd, this contemporary art museum was erected on the former 340-acre site of Fort D. A. Rusell in Marfa, Texas, a former military base.  Its idea is to merge art and architecture with nature and make them accessible to the public by presenting them in an efficient manner (Wikipedia “Chinati Foundation”).            The museum’s collection comprises of visual artworks that range from installations, sculptures, and paintings from twelve resident artists that include Judd himself.

  These pieces make use of readily available materials like metal, wood, foam, rocks and paint, and are specifically displayed in separate buildings that allow the artworks to blend with and maximize the feel of the unique environment.            One work that stood out however, was “School No. 6” by Ilya Kabakov.  His piece is a portrait of a deserted school filled with wrecked furniture and destroyed books.  Due to the carefully executed disarray, the installation succeeded in becoming an effective way of transporting viewers into olden times of Russian education.  It also leaves imprints in the mind long after one has left the place; thoughts that make people realize the tragedy when knowledge is neglected and what awful effects it has to those who are affected.            Trips to this secluded “creative haven” prove to be worth the effort if one visits it intending to seek visual satisfaction as well as mental stimulation.  The various exhibits present you with one story at a time and make you think about it.

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  Each part does not spill everything to the audience; they always leave room for pondering.Work Cited“Chinati Foundation.” Wikipedia. 7 May 2010 <>.