The CIA Torture report Essay

The Senate Intelligence Committee just released a long awaited report on the Sac’s torture techniques after 9/1 1. The report has caused tension between the Congress, and The White House and there is some concern that the report’s r lease will spark more anticlerical sentiment around the world. So what exactly is in this report? We all know that the CIA was authorized to torture suspected terrorists during this time period.

But this newest report of undo that the CIA tortured more people in more brutal ways than previously admitted and t hat they got less information out of these interrogations than they led the public to bell vive. Detainees were kept in conditions compared to dungeons, deprived of sleep f up to a week, unnecessarily fed rectally and subjected to sexual, physical, and m mental abuse. At the time the CIA director was instructed to keep the biblically snack wheeled umber of prisoners at 98, but the report found that at least 119 were detain deed. 6 of which were wrongfully held. The CIA also grossly underreported the amount o f water boarding. The CIA claimed that only three were weatherboard, but the report found evidence suggesting weatherboarding was used on more detainees. They clearly downplayed and even lied about their activities, but it’s the lies the eye told about their reports that is now being seen as the bigger issue.

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The report s claim hat the Acacia’s excessive and brutal torture methods did not produce any inform motion that couldn’t have been obtained through other means. The report discredited 20 different torture cases deemed successful by the CIA. Most of the information extracts d through torture was already given to the CIA from other sources, while other informal ion were just just lies, given by the prisoners to stop the torture.